Bible of The Devil – Feel It Album Review

Today I will be reviewing Bible of The Devil’s 7th full length album Feel It. Bible of The Devil to me are the perfect marriage of Rock N’ Roll and Heavy Metal. The twin guitar attack really separates them from a lot of bands trying to do something similar. Nathan Perry’s vocals also help solidify and really bring together the sound of this band. This band also showcases some killer harmonies and hooks. I have enjoyed most of this bands previous output so I am excited to see what they have cooked up for us on their latest outing.

  1. The Light – The first track on the album is an instrumental intro of sorts. The song is a slow metallic build up that blends into the next song. One could easily see a crowd full of people slowly banging their heads to this track at the beginning of a show before they kick off the first song.
  2. Ride Steal – The first full song on this album is a pretty upbeat rocker that gallops out of the gate with Perry’s vocals flowing fiercely over the melodic guitar riffs. The bass has a really warm feel in this song and it goes great with what the rest of the band is doing. The chorus is pretty catching as well. The whole band seems in sync on this song and they throw in quite a few tasty metal riffs and licks throughout it.
  3. (Love at) The Speed of Night – (Love at) the Speed of Night reminds me of a lost song from the 80’s metal scene. Right off the bat they start with a pretty catchy guitar part. The song is a slower song, but it has an upbeat and energetic bounce to it that keeps it fresh. Perry hits some higher notes on this song and gets to use his vocal range a little bit more. Another thing I like about this song is after the halfway point the band gets to jam the fuck out for a little bit before Perry’s vocals come back in with the chorus. This song sounds like a fresh take on 80’s heavy metal in all the right ways.
  4. Lifeline – The fourth track on this album again starts pretty up beat with some unique riffing before going into a pretty straight forward rock heavy sound. The song is rocker from front to back for sure. They don’t pull many punches with this song and instead just plow forward rocking out. I like how they blend in more tradition heavy metal sounding parts with more rock n roll sounding parts on this track. Perry’s vocals don’t stray too far from the instrumentation on this one and that works fine with this song. This song is all killer no filler.
  5. Idle Time – This song starts off a little slower and has a build up for the first 30 seconds before they release the flood gates and bring in the full band. This song is probably the most relaxed song on the album. The instruments are toned down a bit to showcase Perry’s vocals and the lyrics. There are some awesome solos scattered in between Perry’s vocal parts. This song is another pretty straight forward rocker till a little bit past the half way point. Around this time they start showcasing a more foreboding guitar sound that builds up to Perry coming back into the fold and from there the whole band ups the heavy and jams out till the end of the song.
  6. Iron Igo – They pick the tempo back up with Iron Igo as Perry’s vocals gliding along the instrumentation. This song has more of a rock feel to it for me. There is definitely a lot of harmony injected into this song and it sounds great. Perry’s vocals are given a little more range on this song and there is a heavy dose of solos and hard hitting riffs as well. This song is also very catchy and upbeat. The instrumental parts on this song have some of my favorite guitar parts on them.
  7. Hard Club – This song is probably the heaviest and hardest song on the album. They trade in most of the harmony found on the last song for aggressive and crunchy riffs. From the beginning the guitar pummels the listener with Perry utilizing more of lower vocal range. The song is like a battering ram of instrumentation that bludgeons anything in its path. They do manage to throw in a cool harmony part near the end of the song. This song is straight business and after giving you something to throw your horns up to for a few minutes it ends just like it started with a bang.
  8. The Downtown Boogie – As the title refers this is more of a hard rock song. After the last song the guitars are definitely less aggressive. This song also has Perry hitting more range with his voice due to the more relaxed instrumentation. As with most of their songs they still find ways to allow little spurts of heavy metal sounding riffs to be interwoven. This song has a heavy rock and roll feel to it. Around the middle of the song there is great break down and solo. Songs like this showcase Perry’s vocals the best in my opinion.
  9. Ultra Boys – They close the album with a slower rocker that again puts Perry’s vocals on the forefront of the track. This song has a very strong bang your head mantra to it. It almost reminds me of some of the songs Dio used to make. There is a slow driving beat going the whole song with splashes of beautiful guitar work layered all over the track. It’s almost as if the further the song goes on the more intricate the guitar work gets. This song lives and breathes rock n roll. They don’t try to break the mold on this song, but it is a very satisfying and indulging song. Great way to end the album.

After digesting the latest offering from Bible of The Devil I am pleased to say all my favorite things about this band are still intact. Perry’s voice, the guitars, and the drums all sound great. They do an amazing job of mixing rock and roll with more traditional heavy metal sounding guitar parts and melding that into a cohesive sound that is theirs. I also enjoyed how diverse the song writing is on this album. While the songs all share a common sound the guitar parts are varied enough to keep things fresh. Bible of The Devil is catchy and riff heavy at the same time. They pull off what a lot of imitators wish they could. If Heavy Metal and Rock N’ Roll speak to you give these guys a listen. This is another stellar addition to a 20 year catalog of great music.

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