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Rank and Revue - VOL. 1, Issue 19,  featuring Mars Volta

Dear Readers,
Talk of the town last week, perhaps all of last month was the Mars Volta show at Emo’s on October 3rd. We got the message real quick that this was apparently the show of all shows not to be missed. So, being the sensible and only punk rock rag out there we sent one of our most reliable reviewers, Smitty, to the show to do the review and write a short feature on this old yet new band tearing up the music world. Enjoy and if you didn’t, please direct all hate mail to info@rankandrevue.com Which brings me to another few things.

Rank and Revue has grown in size (and even won an Austin Chronicle “Best of Austin 2003” award) the past couple of months with the additions of a few new staff members (Roy Doron, Danny Grochow, Nicky Tavares, Matt Richardson, Gretchin von Eberstein, Beky Hayes and Jennifer Pollock). Yes, we all work for free and yes, we do still appreciate the contributions from you the readers which we will continue to print. But, please be aware that due to space restrictions, we will continue to print the reviews from our staff members first as they continually bust their tails up and down the “Dogleg”. However, if you still wish to send something in, please keep it brief (250 words or less) and in either a .txt or .doc format so Isaac (our hardworking music/managing editor) doesn’t go crazy figuring out how to open your files, or reformatting such and such. That goes for hate/praise mail as well. We would love to start a “letter to the editor” page but can’t if your rants or raves about our little magazine continue to exceed ten thousand words. Keep it brief and to the point and we won’t mind letting you get “your words” in about our staff or magazine.

Last but not least, you may have noticed from our last issue that we have now included a new “Grub Guide” restaurant listings page, and Alamo Drafthouse deal and a Rock n’ Roll 101 primer titled “A funny thing happened..” Please do check them out. Tammy Moore and company will definitely school you into many of a rock profession if you have failed in becoming a certified rock star.

Keep Rockin’ and Readin’
K.B. Parthemore

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