Jared Connor and the Taste of Mexican Chocolate

I’ve known Jared Connor for the better part of my life. We first met in the Methodist church where he was in the older and much cooler group of kids. What I remember most is that Connor would do things in church that seemed a bit sacrilegious.

Jared would brandish a large intimidating lock-blade knife pretending to clean his fingernails while in full view of the congregation. Also, I distinctly recall him grabbing his crotch and telling a rather annoying, mouthy young lad playing in the nursery to “suck it.” All very ill suited behavior for the House of God, yet very entertaining. Much to my mother’s dismay, I always admired him.

Fifteen years later, that same tongue-in-cheek attitude and slight inappropriateness has carried over smoothly into his poster art. Connor has created posters for almost every reputable rock band that’s tore through Austin. The distinguished list includes: Turbonegro, AFI, Queens Of The Stone Age and Death Cab For Cutie.

His work will be displayed at the Flatstock poster convention during SXSW along with other highly acclaimed poster artists. It can also be viewed on his website www.mexicanchocolatedesign.com. The pieces sell anywhere from $10 to $75 depending on the size and print run.

Connor has expanded his talents to creating wall pieces. Recently, a run of prints featuring the likeness of a Vietnam-era John Wayne sold out not long after coming off the press.

Connor’s work ranges from grimly fascinating to a still, soft and colorful beauty. I’d recommend his work to anyone whose ready to take down the all-too-common Van Gogh piece and replace it with something more contemporary and conversational.

–Vernon Effenberger


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