Shoot’n Star Photography

Shoot’n Star Photography

Conceptual / Editorial Fine Art Portraits


   I’ve always been a shutterbug, a documentarian of sorts. I grew up moving all over the country and I think taking pictures became my way of coping with losing friends or leaving places that I would never see again. The power of an image is undeniable. It ties in nearly every one of our senses and solidifies a memory.

Growing up in the 80’s, I also fell in love with music and fashion and how they intertwined. Both have played a major role in my life and provided total inspiration for my photography which I think comes across loudly in my work.

I’ve been collaborating with a local make-up artist, Christina Kennedy, to create conceptual character portraits. I really like the idea of a photographer paired up with a make-up artist who shares their artistic vision, plus I can ensure the look comes across the way our client has requested.

While I specialize in not-your-average pin-up girl or conceptual character portraits, I’m also available for all types of photography projects. I love a challenge! I take my time to scout out locations, help with wardrobe choices and whatever else it takes to bring a look together. 

Also, my RAW Austin showcase is this Thursday, July 19th at the Parish on 6th Street at 9pm. The website to buy tickets or more info is






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