Melvins, Unsane and Sad Sack

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

Mohawk Austin

It was cool and overcast, unusually nice for this time of year, and I was getting really excited. My favorite band in the world was coming to town and I was going to see them. I couldn’t really afford it, but I really couldn’t not afford it either. It was the Mandatory Freakin Melvins! I am a music nerd, they’re the best and last night, the Melvins did not disappoint. Not that they ever do.

Faster Pussycat debut albumFaster Pussycat debut album

Faster Pussycat debut album

The first time I saw the Melvins I wasn’t exactly crazy about them, in fact one time on the Bullhead tour in 1991, I jumped up on stage and started singing the star spangled banner to see if they’d notice. Buzzo looked up and shrugged and kept playing and I left. A few years later, Ozma was really starting to grow on me and when Houdini came out, that was it for me, my new favorite band. I’ve probably seen them every year but twice since 91, in Austin, San Francisco, and Portland, and back here again. I sometime like to think they deserve more attention, but maybe that’s why I like them, one of the hardest working bands that consistently puts out great music and gets better and better. Since the addition of the Big Business members in 2006, The Melvins have gone from awesome to beyond super awesome.

The line was long but not sold out, we got in, I was with my crew and we were feeling ‘special’; the weather was nice, there were smiles and cool people everywhere, and some good times were had.

A new band called Sad Sack opened, with King Coffey on the drums. TWO Bass players! Yes. One Rickenbacker and one Jazz bass all through giant orange and other bass tube stacks, really fuzzy, really loud, really good. Looking forward to hearing some recordings by them.


Then the Unsane came out and killed it. Vinnie from The Unsane has been having hip problems so Cody came out and played with them, and then Dale came out and filled in as well, and it was fantastic, I haven’t seen the Unsane since of the days back at FreeEmos in the 90s. Great stuff, must get my hands on the new Unsane/Melvins split single.

Then it was time for the moment we’d all been waiting for. I worked my way up to the front of the stage and was pummeled by the Melvins. From the first second, it was face-melting and bone-crushing. They did not stop and just kept busting out the hits and most of the songs off their new amazing ep, The Bulls and The Bees, which Toyota via their Scion, put out for free! Good for them, they get paid and we all get free Melvins music. The hits us Melvins’ fans wanted to hear kept coming nonstop. Dale and Cody were and are a two headed thunder machine. Buzzo and Jared flung their giant Rock Afros at the sky, it was loud as hell, but truly perfect, and music rang out into the night – the best rock music, from the most prolific band of the last 30 years. I was trying to man my position at the very front and center, which also proved to be bone-crushing. I can’t hear out of my left ear so well, and I have some bruises and a total bangover in my neck, but it was so worth it. Not so smart, but that’s rock and roll. Lost my friends and the car we were in , but managed to get a ride home and my ears are still ringing this, the next night. Got to say hello to Buzzo for a second. I try not to bother them too much in person and keep it short. He smiled and was cool and I think might have recognized me but whatever, great show. I told all four members that at one point. Nice guys. What a night.

I imagine they’ll probably be back through in a few months with the release of their next record in June, titled ‘Freak Puke’ by ‘Melvins Lite’ with Trevor Dunn from Mr Bungle on stand up bass, without The Big Business guys, but they’ll be back, they are still a permanent part of The Melvins. The last time I spoke with Dale, I just asked him ‘not to ever stop’. He said ‘yes’ and shook my hand on the deal. Hell Yes. I love you but I choose the Melvins. See you at the next show.

– Vlern

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