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Supersuckers /Spittin Cobras /Dixie Witch

Date: February 25, 2012

Location: Antones – Austin, Texas

Doors 8 p.m. Show 9 p.m.

Tickets: $15.00

Seattle rock gods, Spittin’ Cobras, are making a pit stop at Antones on February 25th, 2012 as main support for the Supersuckers. This bill will also feature Austin’s very own, Dixie Witch. Melvin McMichaels of the Asshole Masquerade Party recently sat down with Spittin Cobras frontman, Alx Karchevsky, and guitar player, Jules Hodgson, to get the 411. Under oath and penalty of perjury, here is their testimony:

MM (Melvin McMichaels): Give our readers the lowdown on The Spittin Cobras…Who are you and what do you do?

AK (Alx Karchevsky): We’re basically a loud, fast rock n roll band based out of Seattle, WA drawing influences from Classic Hard Rock, Metal & old school Punk.

MM: After beating the pavement pretty hard for your first record, are things falling in place for The Spittin Cobras in terms of a booking agent, label, management, fluffers, etc?

AK: Yes. After touring pretty hard over the last few years we’ve recently been working with Atomic Music Group who are putting us out on road with larger more established bands like The Supersuckers, who we are on tour with right now. Our label, One Eyed records has inked a deal with Omega records that will put our album “Year Of The Cobra” on shelves and online in the US and Europe on March 2012. As for fluffers, they are not essential as we already have gigantic rock n’ roll boners with which to fuck your ear pussies that will then create deformed brain babies. Please note, fluffers are still welcome to lend a hand…

MM: Word on the street is The Spitting Cobras have some new tracks in the bag. Can you shed some light on those rumors? When can we expect a new record?

AK: We already have a full albums worth of new tracks recorded (of which we’re currently throwing a couple into our current live set). We’re focusing on the release of “Year Of The Cobra” right now, but it’s nice for us to know we have a head start on a new release once we determine when that will be.

MM:  A full U.S. tour with The Supersuckers, eh? Surely there has to be a story behind this. Is there a hometown connection here? Exactly how pumped up are you for this tour?

AK:  It seemed like a bunch of things came together at the same time – Omega records picked us up around the same time we did shows with Nashville Pussy and The Dwarves who both work with Atomic Music Group. Once we established them as our booking agent the first thing they came up with was the tour we’re on now with The Supersuckers which, of course we jumped at as they we’re one of the bands we had in our shortlist of groups that would be great to play with – As we already knew, they’re a great band and a perfect fit for us, which is being proven by their fan’s reactions.

MM: Tell us about some of your more memorable shows?

JH (Jules Hodgson): The most memorable shows are the ones we never made, due to our previous vehicle – a beat to shit RV that left us stranded on multiple occasions (thankfully long deceased but never forgotten). We’ve done a couple of killer shows with The Dwarves, Nashville Pussy, The Bronx and of course, now The Supersuckers. Our shows at The Comet in Seattle have always been epic, especially the one where Alx broke his shoulder after a couple of songs. With the help of some adrenalin and a few shots of whiskey he still managed to finish up the set before being whisked away to the emergency room…

MM:  The band members seem to have pretty extensive backgrounds in terms of musical projects.  The Dwarves, KMFDM, and Murdock to name a few…Where do you guys reach common ground in terms of influences for The Spittin Cobras?

AK: I guess the other bands we’ve played in don’t really enter into it – We all have a lot of musical common ground which comes out in what we do. We’re all just die hard rock n’ rollers!!!!

MM: If The Spittin Cobras could land their dream tour, what would the lineup look like?

AK: Motorhead, Thin Lizzy, Judas Priest, AC/DC and Iron Maiden would all be the openers…We may even let them have a couple of our beers if they’re nice to us.

MM: Tell us about The Spittin Cobras song writing process. Is there a special strategy/formula? And who brings a bulk of the ideas to the table?

AK: We try to write songs that on the surface are accessible, straight down the line rock n roll, but always throw in a few curve balls for the listener to keep them on their toes. Jules comes up with the bulk of the ideas (hence the gratuitous guitar solos in every song), but everyone throws in on the writing process to create the Cobra’s sound.

MM: After seeing The Spittin Cobras live on several occasions, I must know…Who taught Jules to shred like that? He rips!

AK: Yes he does, but his farts are even more rippingly impressive. That kind of skill cannot be taught – he’s a natural!

MM: Any plans to take your show across the pond and pick up some European girls…I mean, fans?

AK: No immediate plans but once the record drops in Europe, we’d jump at the chance, should the opportunity arise…

MM: Saxon, Rainbow, or early Scorpions?

AK: Alx - Rainbow. Jules – Saxon, Andy – Saxon, Jake – Saxon. The Spittin’ Cobras collectively answer – The Spittin Cobras! Please note, if any of the members of the Scorpions are reading this, we love ya too!


To listen to Spittin Cobras music and view news updates, please visit the band’s website at http://www.myspace.com/thespittincobrasrock or https://www.facebook.com/thespittincobras.

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