East Cameron Folkcore
December 9th, 2011
The White Horse

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Do you like music? Do you wake up singing a song? Do you make playlists to match your moods? Project? Significant other(s)? Is music in the core of your day? Do you look forward shows more than air? Sex? Ok. Ok. Maybe that's too far. Or is it? Either way, hopefully, you get the point. There is music for each day. And for each day there is the perfect set of music. Some might think of Memphis or Los Angeles, or Detroit as being the home to the perfect sound or genre. There is music that is damn near perfect being made right here, in this town. Austin, Texas is home to East Cameron Folkcore.
Diversity, friendship, skill, and imagination make up the whole of this band. Imagine Folk and Country music meets Rock n Roll, Zydeco, Punk, Swing, and Soul, with a double edge of core and conscious. Their sound is well orchestrated and served with non glamorous fun flare. This 5 to 11 (plus) person band have it all and they deliver it with precision that is as tight as a Nun on Sunday. Essentially, East Cameron Folkcore performs a well rehearsed jam session of your favorite styles of music. They are the perfect playlist.

Members include: (from their website)
"Jesse Moore - Gtr/Vox
Blake Bernstein - Trombone/Acoustic Gtr/Vox
Kristian Oubre - Ele Gtr
Eric Lopez - Bass
Aaron Perez - Drums
Phil Patterson - Mandolin
Denis O'Donnell - Banjo
Mary Beth Widhalm - Cello
Blue Mongean - Harmonica/Vox
Allen Dennard - Vox
April Perez - Vox"
Jon Pettis was an original member. He died the first year the band was together. The first album "Sound & Fury Songs in the Key of Love and Death" is about him.

On December 9th, The White Horse Bar opened at 500 Comal St., in between 5th and 6th St. The East Side has a Honky Tonk Jam Hall. It's not only a place for "country music". A lot of different types of music will haunt the hall. Opening night and not a drop of booze was found in the house. The White Horse's liquor license had not been finalized. The Eastern, next door was warned in advance to get extra whiskey. Some people came and left after finding out about the liquor status. Some people went next door to The Eastern and got a drink and came back. Some people just stayed put and watched the band play in hot December sweaty awe. The lineup was: East Cameron Folkcore, Clyde n Clem's Whiskey Business, and closing out the night was Bridge Farmers. Whiskey was appreciated, but not needed. As rowdy as the show/audience was, it would be hard to imagine all of us on booze...without someone accidentally getting hurt. There was crowd surfing, stage diving, and a lot of singing along. Songs of note were: Sallie Mae and Doctor's Orders (Whiskey Doesn't Help No More). If patron babies (future bar staff) were not concieved this night, we would all be very surprised. There was nothing but love surrounding.

Their setlist usually consists of everything off the first album:

Start Over
The Cruellest Month
Doctor's Orders (different combinations) *
Carrying the Fire (for the misunderstood)
Frustrated Damned
Hollow Men
Birds Across a Wire
Sound & Fury

They are currently finishing up the mixing/mastering/artwork for the upcoming EP "The Sun Also Rises" expected for a late April, 2012 release. In May, they hit the road.

Tour dates:
May 11 @ Fitzgeralds in Houston, TX
May 12 TBD NOLA/Baton Rouge
May 13 TBD Mobile/Tallahassee
May 14 @ Burro Bar in Jacksonville
May 15 @ Caledonia Lounge in Athens, GA
May 16 TBD Atlanta, GA
May 17 TBD Nashville, TN
May 18 TBD Little Rock, AR
May 19 @ City Tavern in Dallas, TX

You can follow them on facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/eastcameronfolkcore?sk=wall

or their website: http://www.eastcameronfolkcore.com

-Kris Moore

Scott H. Biram
Red Eye Fly
January 27th, 2012

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One thing can always be said about Scott H. Biram. Fuck You. Nah, kidding. He always brings a great show. He could be drunk, sick with the flu, nursing a heartache, or just got off a flight from TimBukFuckingToo, the man is going to play a damn near perfect show. Why? From the best that the audience can tell; He is a perfectionist. He plays guitar, harmonica, drums, and whatever else he can get his hands on at the same time (by himself). Why? His response; There is a reason why I am a one man band. He is elusive, as he is talented. He is as talented, as he is adored by his fans. A native of San Marcos, his stomping grounds is Austin. He plays over 200 days on the road, but always comes home and plays some more for us. Why? There is nothing quite like being home. This time he played to a packed house (outside) at the Red Eyed Fly. Playing from all his songs. Usually, this writer texts herself the setlist as each song is performed, but Mr. Biram has a no texting rule that he has made publicly known on his facebook page. So, later on after the show, in search of the setlist, he responded: I have a list of all my songs. I put em next to me, where I can see. I choose which song, depending on what I feel like playing.

He started with
You Must Have That True Religion

He ended with
I See The Light

During and in between the songs listed above, the audience rocked, danced, smiled, drank, and we had a good ole time. Sound familiar? Doesn't matter if you are in Austin, Texas or Grand Rapids, Michigan, he plays to the soul. He works damn hard enough to get it out of ya. I sure do hope you do not disappoint this crotchety young man. He brings the music that tells the tale of his life, his love, his pain and misery, and somehow he makes all of it, a part of our shared hopes and dreams. Why? I have no fucking clue.

-Kris Moore


The White Horse-Austin, Texas
Friday February 3rd, 2012

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Franny&Zooey are Jordan Webster on vocals/guitar and Eric Green on drums/stage stunts. They create a unique team of strength and harmony meets jazz and soul AND they bring it with a solid hard edge. This two man band is quite the show to be seen, as well as, heard. Both are men about town and a good part of the music that is being played here today. Jordan also plays in Mrs. Glass. Eric also plays in Riverboat Gamblers. For the most part, you can see them perform at The White Horse or The Mohawk.

Friday, February 3rd, they opened for Possesed By Paul James and East Cameron Folkcore.

Goin With You
Catfish Blues
Black Cat Bone
Give You Evil
Low Lifes on Upperline
Hang Ups
(Acapella) Don't Mind People Grinnin In Your Face

You will not be let down by this two man band. They bring the good times. You can sit back and enjoy the music or get up and shake your bootie. Either way, it's all entertaining.

-Kris Moore




Tia Carrera
January 27th, 2012

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Tia Carrera=Jams

Tia Carrera's performance at Beerland on January 27th, 2012 was amazing. Erik Conn is an unstoppable drummer. Jason Morales started off playing guitar, as usual. Jamey Simms played bass. When they switched, Jamey fucking exploded on the guitar. He was rocking balls. Jason expanded the bass line and opened up that musical door. Austin, this is one of the best bands to listen to because they do one thing and they do it just fine. They jam.

directly into a "No Planner" (the random improv the bands normally start with)
"J.Bankston Manor"

They will be playing at the Small Stone Records showcase during SXSW:

If you are not a facebook user you can review the information here:

Small Stone Records SXSW Music Showcase

-Kris Moore
Photos taken by Kris Moore at Red7




Diesel & Dixie
Headhunters-Austin, Texas
Saturday, Febraury 4th 2012

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Holy Smack, CurlyJane! Ever just feel like, sometimes you just gotta have it? You gotta have it hard and loud and fast. Sometimes you like it from someone older mature who has wisdom under their belt, who can guarantee a good time, every time. Sometimes you like it from the young bucks, the talented new guys, who are just fine and dandy at what they do. Diesel and Dixie do it very well. They melt your face with rock n roll and they leave you satisfied for days to come. Everytime they play at Headhunters, everyone has a good time. On Saturday February 4th, 2012 they played with a lot of energy.

Jaw Gone
Grandma's Jam
Hatfield V McCoy
No Name Fun Song, often lovingly referred to as: Chocolate Salty Thor
Arkansas Toothpick
Twist the Tiger's Tale
Iron Herd
Georgia Overdrive

Their names straight from their web page:
BOAR LORD on Laser Scream
BUZZARD KING on the Low End

Desert Rattler just joined em on the Co Shred Organs. The Headhunters show was the second time playing with Desert Rattler. He fucken shreds. You can tell from the photos. The night was heavy.

They are going out on tour, starting March 20th, 2012, heading out to Tennessee, Florida, Virginia and Backaround. Between now and then, they will be playing in Beaumont and around Austin.

If you are on Red River do yourself a favor and stop in if you hear a sound that you like. Headhunters always has music, some good, some great, some pure shit. You never know what you will come across or how it will leave ya feeling the next day. And most of the time, there isn't a cover. The beer is cold and cheap. The people are always awesome. Just the way, it ought to be.

-Kris Moore




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