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Mike Dillon is straight-up GANGSTA! Dude has a vibraphone in one hand, that he uses like an AK-47, a drum kit in another that is his MAC-10, spits fire in a microphone, and if you blink for a second, the dude goes ninja on you, and starts launching assaults with timbales, tablas, bongos, congos, steel drums, ANYTHING! He wrecks the shit! He feels it so deep it will hurt your grandmammys booty-hole. Fer reals. He is a band in himself. Don't need no help. Don't need no band. Dude's got bands though. Man, does he have bands. Total fuckin' beast. Ok, pay attention, coz this is unbelievable. Current and active. Recording and touring WORLDWIDE with Les Claypool, Ani DiFranco, Critter's Buggin, Dead Kenny G's, GALACTIC, Garage A Trois, Hairy Apes BMX, Billy Goat, Ten Hands, Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, MC 900 Ft Jesus, Malachy Papers, Go-Go Jungle, Black Frames, Illuminasti with Skerik and John Singleton, Brave Combo, Marc Benevento, Earl Harvin and so much more! In his spare time he snowboards. SPARE TIME?!?! WTF? Somehow he finds a minute to hit the mountains. He and one of his bandmates, SKERIK (John Coltrane of the 21st century), are the two hardest working, touring musicians I have ever seen, or heard of, EVER. One time Skerik had a show in NYC then he had to fly to SF for a show, and then into Seattle where he played another show, and an after hours party, ALL IN ONE FUCKING NIGHT! Thank GOD for time zones! Caught 2 of those shows (both in Seattle). Had I had the funds, and the heads-up, I woulda gone to all of them just to see if I could muster up that kind of warrior strength, just as a fan. No wonder these two guys have found multiple projects together. Don't listen to one song, one record, or one band and think you have this cat figured out. You'd just be cheating yourself out of a genre busting smorgasbord of musical landscapes that go boldly where few have even thought about goin' before. Dude's got punk, jazz, funk, lounge, soul, folk, world, blues, jam and experimental sounds pouring from his soul. He is on tour right now with a red hot trio he picked up out of Nawlins, called Yojimbo. Earshot and a few others are callin' Yojimbo, "the best new band in New Orleans". They have this chick trombonist that plays up front, in your face, and she shreds! Couldn't find a current release with this version of The Mike Dillon Band, but thinkin' it is gonna bring some funk and shove it right down your throat. Anything Dillon touches is muthaphunkin money. Mike D's got mad roots in Texas. Born in San Antonio, lived in Austin and Dallas. Billy Goat (Dallas) and Ten Hands (Denton) tore stages up all over Texas. Hairy Apes BMX (ATX) is so punk rock, with huge funk grooves and sounds all over the map, most people (after shitting themselves and breaking beer bottles over their heads) just call it experimental. Love that band! Hope he finds time to bust that open soon. Mike D calls New Orleans home now, but he probably sees every city as much as he does his own. Usually it's the singer, or guitar player that gets this kind of hype. Drummers, Bassists and certainly Percussionists are usually the nameless, faceless cats that hold down the beat. Not this guy. He fronts 'em. Gots his own named afta him. How many drummers can you name? Bet the one that comes to mind has only one arm. Now name a percussionist. C'mon, name one. I will give ya one that I haven't seen in some years. His name is Tempo. Used to play with this badass outfit called The Bonedaddys. SoCal band that brought the funk, and Tempo would beat his shit and himself so hard, that blood was just a by product. Miss that dude. He was a cool motherfucker. Well now you know 2 percussionist's names. If Tempo pop's up, and he has any skin left on his hands, you give him proper respect. WHEN Mike Dillon shows up, and he is around every corner, give yourself some respect and check what he's got. He is bringin' The Mike Dillon Band to The Swan Dive @ 615 Red River on Thurs Feb 16th. Heard that Brad Houser (Critters' Buggin', Edie Brickell's New Bohemians) may sit-in, along with some other mystery guests! Edie Brickell? Charlie Sexton? Skerik? Les Claypool? Karl Denson? Eric Mcfadden? Papa Mali? Who knows? Just been hearin' rumors. Also HONKY (feat. Pinkus of The Butthole Surfers) straight outta Sixth Street, voted best ATX band by HIGH TIMES MAGAZINE, is playing along with Dege Legg from Louisiana, who is bringin' his dobro rapin' swamp rock, and if that ain't enough, Black Irish Texas is bringin' Austin's version of Celtic Punk Rock!!! This show is completely off the chain, and if you miss it, I am personally gonna get your grandmammy to kick you square in your pussy! Miss this show, you ain't got no nuts anyways. Usually add Wikipedia links and shit, but hell, I gave you more information on Mike Dillon than they have. So how about some vids with Mike Dillon???

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http://www.myspace.com/mikedillonpercussion (Love "Rock Star Bench Press" song on this page!)









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