Shooting the Shit with the Supersuckers by Dave Nobody





by David Nobody

A few nights ago I was lucky enough to stand before The Mighty Supersuckers. Eddie Spaghetti and crew played two shows in Austin; the first at the Hole in the Wall was a last minute surprise. The show was originally booked at the Beauty Ballroom but for reasons unknown to me The Supersuckers did not play at the Beauty Ballroom. They played a free surprise show at the Hole in the Wall, and oh, did they play. The crowd was charged and so was the band.  They gave the folks just what they wanted, a rock show.  A great rock band is like a good bourbon, it will make you feel happy, wealthy, handsome and wise, make the bad times good and turn a good one bad. It will make you chase wicked women, curse god and tell lies. The Supersucker’s like a good bourbon would appear to have gotten better with age, they ROCKED, they tore the joint up. They gave the excited mob the good stuff, top shelf, they played the classics, they played the hits, they played them hard, they played them fast and the middle digits did fly. Dan and Marty’s guitars were dangerously, intoxicating with no mixer, no ice and no fruit, just straight rock, I would be very surprised if any one left that show dissatisfied, if so, only because they wanted more.

Photo by Chris Barbero

The Junkyard Dogs is a name I hadn’t heard in a long time. I was living in Seattle when The Supersuckers first moved there from Tucson Arizona. I became very familiar with the couch in their big crazy band house in one of Seattle’s more sleazy areas. Before moving into the basement of that house I spent a lot of time in the living room, (where they kept the couch) and the living room was the place where I first heard The Junkyard Dogs.   The J.D.s was the acoustic side project of the guys, drunken fun, playing street fest and late night parties. Since those day they have refined and matured their country set into a respected institution, and documented it on their Must’ve Been High release for the Sub Pop recording company.  Hearing that they were playing their rocking country set at the Continental Club as The Junkyard Dogs was exciting and I couldn’t wait. The boy’s delivered the goods, Must’ve Been High, Hungover Together and Non Addictive Marijuana had the crowd swaying and singing along.  Watching these laid back pros doing what they do best was amazing and when Austin troubadour Jesse Dayton  join them on stage it only got better. I had a few words with The Supersuckers front man Eddie Spaghetti after the show and here is what he had to say.

An Interview with Eddie Spaghetti of the Supersuckers by David Nobody

Nobody: What’s your favorite color?
ES: Black.
Nobody: Oh yeah? Why is that?
ES: Cause it’s tough…like your Mother.
Nobody: True,  If you could be an animal, what animal would you be?
ES: I’d be a shark.
Nobody: And why is that?
ES: A shark has to keep swimming to survive and that’s how my life is.
Nobody: What about a small seed eating bird?
ES: I’d like to fly.
Nobody: A humming bird?
ES: A humming bird has a great little life…sneaking in, taking food that people set out for them, I am sure that would be awesome.
Nobody: Humming bird’s rock, what’s your favorite thing that ever happened on tour?
ES: The day I met my wife.
Nobody:Cool…next favorite?

Photo by Chris Barbero

ES: The day Willie Nelson came and played with us at the Roxy in LA.

Nobody: That’s what I’m talking about. What was a crazy part that stands out in your mind?
ES: Like the moment he showed up we actually knew it was going to happen. It was kind of crazy. Like we heard that Willie Nelson might show up and he pulled his bus right up behind the Roxy in LA… right up to the back door of the Roxy, walked in, put on a guitar and played a couple of songs with us.
Nobody: Besides that was there a point where he was onstage with you when you guys just went…Whoa!
ES: Well there was a point onstage when we were on the Tonight Show…with him. There was a point while we were actually doing a live taping where it really counted and I knew we were nailing it. And about halfway through the song I knew it was going to work and everything was going to be awesome. And that was really a huge moment for me. Willie looked up at me and I could tell when he looked at me it was like, “You guys are doing this alright!”
ES: And I thought, Yeah! We are!
Nobody: Beautiful. Now what’s the worst thing that ever happened to you on tour?
ES: That would be the sound check on the Tonight Show. It was the WORST sound check ever and I kept telling myself, “Don’t smoke pot with Willie Nelson, Don’t smoke pot with Willie Nelson…no matter what you do, don’t smoke pot with Willie Nelson”. Well the sound check went horribly and we knew we had to do it again but Willie said, “Well that was good, want to go burn one?” Immediately I said, Yep. It took me about .3 seconds to do exactly what I told myself I would not do.
Nobody: So say in the early days what was the craziest, most insane tour or bad thing that ever happened?
ES: Well one time we were playing in Canada with the Dwarves and I went and knocked on Dan Bolton’s hotel room. We were staying in a hotel that was above the club…it was in Winnipeg or someplace like that. This hotel has since been shut down or we were banned for life. So ,I went up to the room, opened the door and there’s Dan Bolton, Sucker guitarist and Vadge Moore, the drummer from the Dwarves,  and they were there with these two really large chicks and there was blood everywhere, and one of them said “They won’t drink my blood!” And I just said, oh no! and I shut the door and that was the last I saw of them.
Nobody: That’s pretty good. Do you still get a moment of clarity when you see genius?
ES: I do. I have moments of pure rock-n-roll clarity.
Nobody: And you think , we can keep going.
ES: I think it’s required.
Nobody: Do you have any regrets?
ES: I regret not being smarter about money. When I had a lot of money I should have been smarter with it.
Nobody: What about languages? Do you speak Spanish?
ES: No, I don’t speak any! That would be a regret! I should learn how to speak Spanish.
Nobody: What about school?
ES: I graduated high school.
Nobody: Where was that?
ES: Tucson, AZ…Santa Rita High.
Nobody: I heard that Tucson’s was a very fun place to grow up in rock-n-roll, was it?
ES: No! It was terrible. You were grossly misinformed.
Nobody: So would that make you want to pack up and drive, and go somewhere else?
ES: It WOULD make you want to drive and go somewhere else. And I did.
Nobody: And where did you go?
ES: I moved to Seattle, WA in 1989.
Nobody: And how was that? What was your first impression of the Pacific Northwest?
ES: Awesome! It was like being Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz when her house gets scooped up and it’s all in black and white and then it lands on the Wicked Witch of the North (?…or whatever it was), and she opened the door and everything was in Technicolor? Well it was like that.
Nobody: If you had 3 wishes what would they be?
ES: One, for more wishes! And then my wishes would be infinite! I’d wish for the ability to fly.
Nobody: Do you love the rock-n-roll?
ES: I do, I love the rock-n-roll.
Nobody: Do you feel fully committed to it?
ES: I’m fully committed to it.
Nobody: What / who are you listening to right now?
ES: The latest thing that I’m listening to is the new ZZ Top record.
Nobody: Really?
ES: It’s actually quite motherfucking good.
Nobody: Do you give it the devil fingers of approval?
ES: I give it the double devil fingers up!
At this point a merchandise transaction takes place, a bunch of drunk chicks invade, and fans are jabber-jawing ES’s ear off. Interview ends. (or at least the interview with ES…at this point, Nobody starts interviewing the drunk chicks).

Photo by Chris Barbero

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