Electric Eel Shock

by Mark Marker

Electric EEl Shock is a crazy rock trio from Japan, that has been able to maneuver through some big league play, with a DIY approach. They have crafted a solid team that works congruently, and it is paying off with the merits of hard work. They have some big hitters in their corner, but they take their cause to the streets and raise money for albums and projects through marketing, their fanbase and relentless global touring. They put on a raucous rawk show! What’s up with all these nekkid drummers? Speaking of drummers, this guy is a trip. He plays with 4 sticks. Saw him do this feel with top stick hitting the top of his ride and the bottom stick would hit his tom and the bottom of his ride. Was a sick effect! They have solid rock songs! On tour with one of the best live bands ever, Peelander-Z and both playing FFF FEST!!!!

Mark Marker sits down with AKI from Electric Eel Shock!!!

1. MM: Is your singer in Peelander-Z?

EES: No way! our vocalist (actually it is me…Aki) is hundred times better than Peelander-Yellow !

2. MM: That technique your drummer uses with 4 sticks is amazing! What inspired that form?

EES: Wao! How many sticks you guys using normally in US ?!?!
4 sticks is Japanese standard !
He is using double times numbers of drum sticks to make double time louder sound…..
I’m not sure he make it or not…….

MM: and what would triplets actually be called?

EES: Fire bird.

3. MM: I see you have spent a lot of time in London, New York and Holland!!! Woo-hoo, Holland! You are from Tokyo? Where is home these days?

EES:    London, NY and Holland, all of them are our second home town, because we have English manager in London, super host to stay in Holland and best friend band Peelander-Z in NY.
These city is most comfortable city to stay.

4. MM: Did you really start out as an 11 piece band?

EES: Yeah.
We made sound like Santana meets heavy metal in 11 piece band.
It worked very well, but it also hard to manage….

5. MM: This guy just finds you online and says, “I am gonna make you a rockstar”. AND HE HAS BEEN?!?!? Seems like you have been working nonstop for over 10 years! How did you meet Bob Slayer?

EES: Bob sent e-mail just only to find out our EU schedule,because he wanted to see our show, and we were looking for our first EU gigs at the moment.
because we should leave US one time for our visa situation.
He was just only one of EES fan at the moment, but we said to him ” You should book our EU dates, If you wanna see our show!”
We didn’t expect about it, but his reply was “I got 11 shows in 10 days ! Come to EU, and show your show for me!”
He is crazy fun and great manager for us.

6. MM: You have been carving out global tour circuits for a decade. Are you guys super rockstar huge in Japan?
where would you say your largest fanbase is, as far as record sales and event attendances?

EES: Unfortunately we are not huge in Japan…..
Our situation in Japan is still worst to compare with any other country…., even it is going better.
We are back to be based in Japan now, it makes better for Japan, but it’s not better for EU and US….difficult….
I guess still EU is best for us about fan base, record sales and etc..
I hope US became to be our best country straight after FFF festival.

7. MM: You guys have some great music that is also radio friendly. Where and who is pushing you on the radio?? which song is getting the most play?

EES: We have a lot of people to help us.
We really feel thanks to our supporters.
Some of radio like to play our cover songs (i.e. Iron man, Lovin’ you etc)
But also some of them like to play our original great songs (i.e. Rock’n’Roll Can Rescue The World, Bastard etc..)
Now we are making cover album in the studio, it should be radio friendly songs very much !

8. MM:    FFF Fest is one of the best festivals being offered up this decade. What is special about this years lineup?

EES: The lineup has Rock’n’Roll history and future.
Great balance.

9. MM: Who are you most excited to see at FFF Fest, aside from EES and Peelander-Z?

EES: RUN DMC, Tomahawk, Napalm Death, Municipal Waste, The Riverboat Gamblers, Brutal Truth, De La Soul and The Octpus project… a lot of great bands !!!!

10.  MM: You have been to Austin before, and are well loved by the locals! Where have you eaten? What is your favorite Austin restaurant?

EES: Grackle’s food vendor and Taqueria Chapala.
Favorite taste and a lot of memories.

11. MM: What is it like working with Attie Bauw (Judas Priest, Scorpions) in the studio?

EES: Yeah it was great moment with heavy rock professor.
He found out different side of EES, even we didn’t know ourselves.
He showed our new possibility a lot, and these thing still help us now.
He is not only in heavy rock scene, he is mad scientist for all kind of music.

12. MM: Will you be working again with him on your next record?

EES: We will try to walk by only our feet for next album, to show how much we grown up by working with Attie.

13. MM: When does your next record come out?

EES: We’ll release our selection album (like a best album) and cover album early next year, and then move to full original new album that will hopefully be released in the middle of 2013.

14. MM: What is the craziest story you can share from this tour with Peelander-Z?

EES: This tour just started……
But I’m sure we will get a lot of crazy story from them, because they are crazy, so noisy in the tour van….

15. MM: We are all going to miss RED!!! So sad to see him leave. Do you know if Peelander-Z have someone else to play? You maybe? We could keep both bands on tour together indefinitely!

EES: Yeah…so sad about Red are going back to his planet….
But still you have Electric Eel Shock!
Now the time to change the band to cheer up from P-Z to EES!

16 MM: Is Gian’s penis as big as that 4 foot sock he wears? Would you send a high rez pic of Gian’s sock for this interview?

EES: Hahahaa……..
My one is also big, and Kazuto’s one is miracle!
See them at FFF

17. MM: You have been playing all the premium clubs for awhile (9:30, Warehouse, Fitz, CBGB’s, etc) Where is your favorite spot to play, and why?

EES: Still CBGB’s is favorite, because it was nearly first time to play out of Japan.

18. MM: What is the craziest thing that has ever happened while you were on stage?

EES: At Beached Fest in UK.
They have tide break, because the fest on shallow flat beach.
The audience area gone away at high tide time.
I did fishing then, and got a nice mackerel!

MM: WHOA!! That IS crazy!!

19. MM: What is the biggest stage you have played? How many people were there?

EES: It might be Roskilde fest in Denmark with 5 to 6 K people.
We were headliner of third stage, it was prime!

MM: I have wanted to attend that fest! Many artists have given the same report.

20. MM: Where will you be Dec 21st, 2012?

EES: ???? What is this question for ????

MM: Heard there was a rainbow gathering at Macchu Picchu

EES: Anyway we’ll be in home Japan….
But it is more than welcome to come back to US, if you pay flight and money!

MM: Rank and Revue would love to host a show with you guys! Maybe not Dec 21st, but could look at a SXSW showcase????

Aki from Electric Eel Shock!!! Thank you so much of sharing a little about your band! We look forward to seeing you at FFF Fest!!!

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