The Blood Royale
Self Titled 7 Song CD/2012
Red Channels Records

JOHN handles the skin and cymbal assault……  Photo by Madison Somerville

The Blood Royale is :

Timmo- Guitars/Throat
Pete – Bass/Vocals
J.T. – Lead Guitars
John- Drums

The Blood Royale is the sick and deviant mutation of four twisted individuals. They combine to offer a platter of unabashed power and attack that makes metal/hardcore crossover the beast of decimation that it is . The Blood Royale banded in 2007; and they have been honing their skills and sharpening their axes ever since ! Proof is in the feverish attack of the drums and bass, while the guitars hold the line with urgent rhythms and screaming leads. Hailing from such current/former  bands as: Gutbucket, The Drunks, Dixie Witch, Transfixr, Mala Suerte, Sap, Suburban Terror Project, Bukkake, and others, they meld to produce the ear damaging, teeth rattling machination of doom and intensity that is….The Blood Royale.

Guitar Stunts and General Mayhem provided by… J.T …. Photo by Larry Stern

If you live in Austin or central Texas, chances are they just played there last night, or if not, they will be soon. The Blood Royale are no strangers to the live gig. And it shows in a big way, if you haven’t seen them play. But this ‘aint no Live Review….this here is a CD review. This self-titled 7 song offering is a great primer for all things “ROCK”. No matter how you like your music, if you like it in your face and HEAVY, The Blood Royale may just be for you. As evidenced by the two cover songs on this CD, these guys gnash their teeth to some serious shit. They do raging  covers of “Corpse Of Decadence” by  DISCHARGE  and  “Going Down To Die ”  by  GENOCIDE  SS.  And there is not one weak song on this record. This 7 song  JUGGERNAUT is a trip back through time… exhibiting almost every form of metal,acid rock, hardcore and punk rock since 1969. Done as tight and offensive as it should be. Loud  and precise, yet chaotic. As wild as a berserker racing naked into the fray of a Celtic battle. Sword raised and screaming through a foaming mouth, eyes rolling crazily around in their sockets !! This record is war cry against the new norm of digital trickery. The Blood Royale do their own recording and mixing  with all analog input and output equipment , no triggers, no recording plugins with Red Channel Audio. Then the CD went over to Austin studio legend Jerry Tubb at Terra Nova Studios.

Pete Keeps the Front End Low and Heavy…… Photo by Madison Somerville

These guys practice what they preach. with song topics that expose their awareness and disdain for the “system”. Going for the jugular with songs about their contempt for Big Brother, The NWO, the WAR MACHINE, CORPORATE OLICARCHY and calling bullshit on the lies and methods used to install them in to the system.

( L to R ) Pete, Timmo. J.T. and John are: THE BLOOD ROYALE      Photo by Larry Stern

The Blood Royale are a hot fresh breath of brimstone. In an age of overproduced and predictable music, The Blood Royale rise above. Pure music for the sake of music. Not hiding behind technical gimmicks or “schticks”. This is the purest of the pure. So fast , so tight, so good. I have tried to like “new” metal…. I just can’t do the “Cookie Monster” vocals. And I know because I can’t get past the vocal stylings of most of today’s metal singers, that I am cheating myself out of some really good stuff. I also can’t get past the computerized “triggered” drum sounds coming out of a lot of metal these days. What can I say, I LOVE the natural sounds of instruments played hard and heavy by some angry motherfuckers. Just like the Blood Royale !! So sue me. They are a serious tactical unit of intensity, fervor and resistance. You will be hard pressed to find a band that is heavier and tighter than The Blood Royale. I would pit them in a HEAVY MOTHERFUCKERS TEXAS CAGE MATCH against anybody you want to be decimated. There it is… a challenge is born… I CHALLENGE  MYSELF  TO FIND SOMEBODY HEAVIER ….SOMEONE HARDER !!!   STAY TUNED NEXT  ISSUE FOR THE SECOND  INSTALLMENT OF TEXAS TITANS CAGE MATCH:



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