Hot Rails To Hell ( l to r ) Ben Pickett, Jasmine Mayberry, Kevin Alexander and Jacub Uribe

Hot Rails To Hell
Self Titled Full Length CD
Recorded in 2011
Mastered and Released in 2012
Independent  / HRTH-01

Ben Pickett- Vocals, Guitar
Kevin Alexander- Guitar
Jacub Uribe-Drums

Kevin Alexander and Ben Pickett launch the twin Gibson attack

” Formed in the summer of 2009, Hot Rails To Hell began playing a heavy breed of seventies hard rock, punk, and early heavy metal. Having the pleasure of growing up in Texas, We have a genuine blues and southern rock edge. Our daily trades make us up as two electricians, a carpenter, and a bartender, and in our spare time we enjoy playing tunes, skateboarding, BBQ’s, fishing, and recording.
“We Just Finished our LP recorded by Dave Dickenson at The Boiler Room, Mastered By Jerry Tubb at Terra Nova. The Lp has 10 Ripping tracks, all originals! Southern rock riffs, heavy vocals and the occasional harp solo create a unique sound that is rarely played by todays generation. The Lp will be released in late May on Vinyl including download cards, and CD should be ready by mid April.
“With the release of this record, we are planning a US tour for late summer early Fall to share our music and broaden our audience. In the mean time were writing new songs for our next album, getting, booking Southern Dates in New Orleans, Dallas, Houston….”

~~~ CD REVUE BY JUSTIN BUZZCRUSHER~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“Tramp” ~~ 1:58~ Opens the festivities with the kind of hooks and punches you would see in a drag strip fistfight. “Tramp” is the kind of song you wanna do crimes to. Driving rhythm and the skintight guitars that hit you mean and clean. Hard not to swing your head to this one.
“Livin’ In Sin” ~~2:53~ What other way to live is there? The Hot Rails To Hell manifesto is ” Three Things I Like To Do: Eat, Fuck, Kill….. How About You”.  Not necessarily in that order. Clean living is for old people, man. Shit,  gimme sin every time!  How about you?

Resident skin basher Jacub Uribe

“Pay Me” ~~2:06~ Super gritty little ditty. Chunky riffs. Pay me, motherfucker. Period. Don’t mince words, HRTH, what are you trying to say? The answer is as direct as it is simple. PAY ME, MOTHERFUCKER !!

“Satan’s Harley”~~3:08~ Gimmick free Rock and Roll. The mandatory homage to a motorcycle and Beelzebubba  in the same song. This Harley can jump the river Styx, no need to pay the ferryman! This one rocks and rolls and steals yer souls!!
“Mr. Perfect” ~~2:19~ The intro is a  guitar battle Malcom and Angus Young style. But it gets heavier and faster before your very ears. Teetering between boogie woogie and nitro injected rock aint no strange place to be for HRTH.

Jasmine Mayberry rocks the low end

“Take You Down”~~ 2:41~ Good old honest Rock and Roll. With just enough venom to make it interesting. Great harmonica. Drinking and falling is so much fun. More whiskey, more beer, I can still see clear. Turbo blues for copious brews !!
“Night Queen”~~4:24~ Reminiscent of old Rainbow or Black Sabbath. Just as electric and wicked heavy. The absolutely mandatory “Evil Woman” song that EVERY record needs.  Just ask Ronnie James Dio’s ghost. Nice flow and power. The chord and tempo changes at the end whip it into 6th gear. Just long enough to showcase the raw talent in HRTH. Get thee hence, devil woman!!
“Black Magic”~~3:41~ Pickett and Alexander have definitely listened to a healthy amount of Tony Iommi and Richie Blackmore. It is OK to have these influences. How many bands do you know that can channel Deep Purple’s “Machine Head” and put their OWN fresh flavor on it? Without sounding contrived. HRTH pulls that off easily in “Black Magic”.
“Undead”~~2:49~ Nice spooky intro.  What would you do if you were surrounded by brain dead zombies? Well, you ARE surrounded, look around you! A thumb in the eye of apathy and ignorance. Hot Rails declare: “I’m living..I’m living…I’m living…Get some!!” Infectious riffs and “raffs” on this one.
“Hate Machine”~~3:26~ The Rails have a great ear for low end. Jasmine’s bass is low and warm, and totally compliments the guitar work of Pickett and Alexander. The intro is reminiscent of the early guitar work of Judas Priest’s K.K. Downing and Glen Tipton circa Priest’s “Stained Class.”  “Hate Machine” is a solid closer for the record. Can’t go wrong if you come in strong AND go out strong.

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