RANKIN’ RADAR…… with THE GREAT DISMAL SWAMIS…. By Justin Buzzcrusher

The Rankin’ Radar is always looking in dark places and under rocks to find “new” talent. Bands on the horizon, gittin’  the proverbial  “musical ball” rolling. This issue , Rank and Revue is proud to have the “scoop” on a great up and coming band…… The Great Dismal Swamis !!  Featuring Michael “GOOSE” Duncan of Austin Horror Garage cretins: THE PHANTOM CREEPS !! I asked Goose to showcase the Great Dismal Swamis with some digital downloads , a brief bio and some pics. So here’s to righteous rockers doing “newer” stuff………

The Great Dismal Swamis ( l to r ) Steve Marsh, Jsin Rowland ( singing) , Jeff Lomanno ( on drums in back) and Doug "Goose" Duncan

The Great Dismal Swamis
7 song digital download


Loch Ness Lightning

Doom By Day

Whiskey Twitch

Jsin Rowland and Steve Marsh





















The Great Dismal Swamis ‘legitimately’ formed in March 2012 after rehearsing 2 or 3 times, just covering old rock n roll and garage rock songs….  The band is from Norfolk, VA, just a few mile up the road from the eerie, murky and pretty much uninhabitable Great Dismal Swamp….  Members are Steve Marsh (Guitar – former bands: Big Bobby & the Nightcaps and The Lookers), Doug ‘Goose’ Duncan (Bass – former bands: Phantom Creeps, River City Rapists (both from Austin, TX), The Dirty Fingers and The Candy Snatchers (both from Virginia), Jsin Rowland (Vocals – former bands: The Hydeouts) and Jeff Lomanno (Drums – former bands: The Rats and The Hydeouts – Jeff currently plays bass and sings in The Electric Chairmen from Norfolk, VA).

Way Down


Outside Living

Canadian Tuxedo

Doug "Goose" Duncan

It’s nice playin’ with a bunch of talented and swell fellas that have their heads on right and their priorities straight – including my own!  I’d be throwing rocks at glass houses if I said otherwise !
Don’t really know what else to put in this thing……   Getting ready to record 4 more tunes… That’ll bring us to 12 in the can…. and we have a bunch of new stuff that needs to be worked out, arranged and recorded….. We just played with Larry May’s (singer from the Candy Snatchers) band from NYC, Born Loose, in Norfolk… Great show and great crowd!  This winter we’ll play some more shows…. Who knows…. Maybe come out to Texas in the summer 2013?????

I would love to see the Great Dismal Swamis.…..anytime and anywhere !!

Well, fellow Rankers and Revuers, keep yer eyes and ears open to the RANKIN’ RADAR.

*********************  Justin Buzzcrusher **********************

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