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Yakking with Chad Cherry of The Last Vegas

A leather-legged version of vintage Rod Stewart spiked with the sex-bomb shimmy of Prince, Chad Cherry is the kind of singer you imagine Slash should be stalking on his quest to land a new Velvet Revolver frontman. Read an interview with The Last Vegas frontman.

Review: Twisted Sister DVD Captures Pivotal 1982 Gig, NY Steel Reunion, 9/11 Interviews

Hail! Hail! Did Alice Cooper really call these guys his best opening act since Guns N' Roses?

HeadCat: Phantom, Harvey & Lemmy B. Goode

It’s admittedly hard to hear beneath the crush of deafening distortion, but there’s a lot of Little Richard in the roar of Lemmy Kilmister.

Jani Lane: RIP 1964-2011

Like a lot of heavy metal snobs, I took my share of jabs at Warrant for being too “fluffy.” I do, however, admit to liking some of their songs and I always appreciated Jani Lane’s party-guy personality.

The Rev: Howling Back After Stints with Towers of London and The Prodigy

In 2005, Brit punks the Towers of London were all too willing to rekindle the sneering anarchy and excessive self-abuse that turned the Sex Pistols and Guns N’ Roses into rock-n-roll anti-heroes. So what the hell happened?

Michael Monroe: ‘Sensory Overdrive’ Finds Ultimate Rock Band Delivering A+ Album

Is it possible that the iconic singer of Hanoi Rocks has just released his finest album ever? I say, "yes"


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