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An Interview with Blaine Cartwright of Nasvhille Pussy!
by Wendy WWAD

Nashville Pussy

WWAD: You guys are touring in support of one of your most recent release From Hell to Texas (Steamhammer / SPV Records 2009). What is up with the obsession you guys seem to have with Texas? And when are you guys just going to go ahead and move down here?

NP: Iím going to try and move down there at some point and try and go back and forth to Atlanta, but Iíd like to spend as much time in Austin as possible. Itís too hot for Ruyter.Remo might move back down there, but Karen will never leave Denver.

WW: Oh, she lives in Denver? I had no idea.

NP: Yeah she lives in Denver. We fly her in from Denver everywhere. She likes it there. Austin is too hot.

WWAD: From Hell to Texas was recorded and engineered by Gordie Johnson and Jacob Sciba. What prompted you to choose those guys?

NP: Our manager was managing Grady at the time and we were recording for ten days at Willie Nelsonís studio, so those guys basically came with it.

Nasvhille Pussy

WWAD: I know you guys have numerous side projects going onÖCould you tell us something about them?

NP: I recorded a gospel record in April with the Kentucky Bridgeburners which is basically all of the guys left over from 9lb Hammer except the singer. Ruyter has another band called Dick Delicious and the Tasty Testicles, and we have a group together called Buzzard.

WW: A gospel album?

NP: Yeah, itís pretty amazing! We went in the studio for about a week and recorded a gospel album.

WW: Did you find Jesus, or did he find you?

NP: If you listen to it, if I didnít find him, I was sure trying.I gave it a hell of a try.Itís kind of an obsession with me lately. I watch the History Channel, anything to do with Hitler or Jesus.

WWAD: How do you guys find the time to be so prolific?

NP: We had a lot of down time this past year so instead of getting jobs we just decided to play as much music as possible. Hopefully it paid off.

WWAD: Who or what first inspired you to pick up a guitar and start playing?

NP: Believe it or not, seeing Bruce Springsteen.

WW: Bruce Springsteen? Holy crapster!

NP: Yeah I know. Itís weird huh?

WW: Yes it is.

NP: He just looked like he was having a lot fun.Iím talking about before the Born in the USA stuff. Iím talking about 27 or 29 years ago.

Nasvhille Pussy

WWAD: How does your reception in Europe differ from here in the states?

NP: Itís a thousand times better there. We probably average about 600 people a night. Europe is where Iím like a rock star.

WW: You guys are still rock stars here.You know that right?

NP: Oh, in Austin? Yeah, but Europe is where I have young Scandinavian girls follow me and stuff. Everyone else in the band gets a little testy being over there after a few weeks about the weather and stuff, but I could go over there forever.

WWAD: What are your top 5 tour destinations?

NP: There arenít really any surprises, just the basics. I like L.A., Chicago, New York, Austin and Atlanta. I like to play all the big cities. Overseas I like playing Oslo, Norway and anywhere in France.We do really, really well in France.

WWAD: Having been together over a decade now, what do you think is key to a bandís longevity?

NP: I guess just making sure that everybody gets along, which is why I just try to be extra nice. I have no idea.

Nasvhille Pussy

WWAD: If your house was on fire and you could only save 5 albums, what would they be?

NP: James Brown - Live at the Appolo, AC/DC - Powerage, Iggy and the Stooges-Raw Power, something by Johnny Burnette & the Rock and Roll Trio, Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers.

WWAD: How do you like to spend your time when youíre not on the road?

NP: I smoke weed, go hit baseballs, go out occasionally, do drugs and talk to friends.I grill a lot of chicken.

WWAD: What can we look forward to from NP, Buzzard, or any of your other projects this upcoming year?

NP: Nothing from Buzzard yet. Ruyterís other band, Dick Delicious and the Tasty Testicles has an album coming out next month.The gospel record I recorded with the Kentucky Bridgeburners called Hail Jesus is coming out mid-October.Weíve got a Supersuckers tour for about three weeks, then back in the studio around winter time to work on the new album. Iím getting Jason McMasters from Broken Teeth to help me out.Thatís another reason I need to go to Austin is to see if I can actually get some work done while Iím there and not just party.

WWAD: Parting words of wisdom to your ever-growing legions of fans

NP: Wow. Theyíre ever growing? Right on! I donít know. Fuck anything that moves.

Iím definitely going to be hearing about that one later.

WW: Oh well!

Nashville Pussy is:

Blain Cartwright - Vocals, Guitar
Ruyter Suys - Guitar
Karen Cuda - Bass
Jeremy Thompson - Drums


Nashville Pussy




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