Candidate Waltz

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For over a decade, Centro-matic have purveyed their noisy but playful pop around the country, patiently building a small but loyal following of rabid fans. Based in Denton and Austin, the band stays remarkably consistent for being geographically separated. Let’s hear it for the Internet!

With Candidate Waltz, Centro-matic have stepped up the pace and experimentation. They always had a Spoon-like quality about them (hard to avoid when your from the same town and draw from many of the same influences), but with this new record, there’s some pre-Emo influence such as Boys Vs. Girls and Brainiac.

Candidate Waltz should be the record that breaks Centro-matic. Catchy enough to get you singing along by the second or third listen and pioneering enough that the cheese factor is avoided entirely, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear them in a movie soundtrack in the next year or so.

Definitely a record to add to your collection and play at your next party.

- Trevor J Wallace

FatCat Radio

The Rock Garage
Texas Live Concert Series Volume One
By: Mark Marker

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The Smiths a.k.a. HONKY released "Just A Man", before their next record comes out, on this fine compilation of live tracks performed in clubs around Austin. As usual, Bobby Rock tears through this song with sweltering leads and supa choppy riffs, and Pinkus keeps you laughing while makes you bang your head. Great track! Nashville Pussy shows you whaddup with Ruyter, one again, raping her guitar. They are touring with The Dwarves NOW, go support and buy the band a round!!! Ruyter's favorite new drink is Four Loko's Lemonade! Have SIX, and put it in a Bubba Keg!!! Pure Luck delivers pure outlaw country with "Your Face or Mine (That's How I met your Mom)". The Hickoids are one of the best Cow Punk bands of all time, and only get better with age. Do not EVER miss another Hickoids show, and this record is worth buying just for their song, "Stop It Your Killing Me". Pure Texas in all its glory! The Texas Sapphires boast new country with an old school sound on, "The New World". Cool boot stompin', beer drinkin' song! Ok. For all you people that think Texas is nuthin' but steers and queers, Pay attention. Pong will show you that Austin, Texas is full of rich music and a broad scope. The song "Click-Ok" is mean, danceable, and allows room for you to stage dive right on your thick skull! Been throwin' beer back @ the pit for many years and do it with integrity. The Ugly Beats bring their poppy punk meets late 70's punk sound to the stage. Makes you wanna jump in place, and sing along! Brutal Juice?! Really?! Glad they are back, gracing stages. Should be enough to make Amphetamine Reptile Records put out another disc. How Nawlins cowpunkers, Dash Rip Rock, found their way on this Texas complilation, is unsure, but glad they are here! New Orleans needs stronger dykes! Listen up!!! CHURCHWOOD!!!! These guys bring it!! Love this fuckin song! Fuck John Lomax fer sayin', in the Houston Press, that Austin doesn't have a scene anymore. Proof positive! Hey Lomax, come see CHURCHWOOD! HiWatt Crucifixers will give you somethin' to sing your teeth into. Lions are cool as shit on stage and off. Go see 'em live. The Dirty Charlie Band has one of the best breakup songs I have ever heard. "Shoulda Killed My Baby" is straight country bliss with some of the most brutal lyrics you could stomach, AND relate too. Great stuff!!! Pocket Fisherman are legendary in the Austin scene, and "We Kill Evil"! Awesome song, awesome live show and kickin' fish fry's. Amplified Heat are a trio of third generation musicians, and three brothers. Can you say CHEMISTRY? They do bluesy soundscape punk rock and do it so well, that Rolling Stone Magazine called them the third best band of SXSW this year! Rolling Stone wasn't kidding! The seamless time changes and nice mix of sound definitely proves Austin's scene has the force of a Jedi Knight. Badass track, "Shut Yer Face" gives a snippet of what they have to offer. Catch a whole set!!!! Michael Crawford did everyone just justice by putting this together for the bands and all of us fans! Thank you Texas Rock Garage!!!!!!!!!!


Brother Dege Legg
"Folk Songs of the American Longhair"

By: Mark Marker

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Get ready for this y'all! Hard hitting in your face Cajun influenced swamp rock mixed up with delta blues! In your face, soulful soundscapes that carry you to places you wanna stay. Not just another one man band. This guy delivers dobro/slide guitar with skill and precision. Has a smokey voice and great songs. Some of this stuff is so haunting it will send chills so far down your spine, your unborn children will feel them. Check "Old Angel Midnight". Refreshing and on the edge of your seat track, dosed with a bit of fear. Definitely makes you stomp and romp, along with making you dream and breathe deep. Some of the most moving voodoo esoteric rock you will ever get your hands on. Dege Legg is also the frontman for Santeria and Black Bayou Construktion.

Brother Dege has been getting great support right out of the gate. Tony Daigle, 4x Grammy winner, helped produce the record. Brother Dege has also gotten a spotlight on 5 shows of Discovery Channel's "After The Catch", where you can catch him playin slide in the streets of New Orleans and hear is title track, "Hard Road To Hoe" as their theme song. Additionally, "Trailerville" has been selected as the score for the L.A. play "Trailerville", running in L.A. and NYC! People are putting him in the same sentence as Leonard Cohen and Jack Kerouc, and you will see why after a good listen.

This record certainly gets inspiration from when Brother Dege took on a writing project about the homeless in Louisiana. Dege Legg's research was not for the timid. He grew his beard out, packed a pack, and BECAME homeless. He lived under bridges and in homeless camps, most of us will never even know exist. He learned survival skills that we should all have in our arsenal. He was accepted, cared for and mentored by the homeless community. You can feel those experiences in this record. He not only has written some beautiful songs as a result, but now is an activist in helping the homeless community. This guy really gets it. If we all gave back the way Brother Dege has, we would stop famine, poverty, war, homelessness, hate, bigotry and social prejudices. A true role model. An inspiration on so many levels. Thank you Brother Dege! I am proud to call you Brother. Never give up the fight!!!!

See for yourself and then go to www.degelegg.com for more!!!


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