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Photos by Larry Stern

The Bulemics – 08/12/11 @ Headhunters, Austin, TX

Despite the fact that The Bulemics are more repulsive than a fart in a hot car, this Austin based punk legacy has managed to keep the train on the tracks for almost 15 years. With the sneer of the Dead Boys and sass of The Dwarves, their shows are best known for bringing that crucial rock n’ roll element of danger to the stage. I have personally witnessed Bulemic newbies leaving prior shows after two songs fearing for the well-being of their teeth. Armed with this information beforehand, I made the wise choice, put in my mouth piece and trotted my music-critic-wannabe ass down to Red River and 8th Street to see if The Bulemics would derail.

Original singer, Gerri Atric (yes, he’s still alive and looking like a teenage girl with an eating disorder), still remains at the front and center for the band, bringing his Gigi-meets-Tesco-Vee-style vocal barrage to the operating table. Scott Sargeant (Skinlab/MOD) occupied stage right shredding his Reverend Flying V through a Mesa Dual Rectifier while Wes Texas (pro skater) housed his 100-watt Marshall JCM 800 and Gibson Les Paul over on stage left. While gear is not important in this band (other than the fact that it must be resistant to beer, vomit, and urine), I have referenced it for the five gear nerds who are reading this review. Filth mongers Porno Schnauz (cab driver/pervert/bass) and Breadstick Von Bulemic (drums/premium member at milfhunter.com) round out the rhythm section and keep the ship on a course as tight as __________________<insert vulgar joke>.

The thrashing began with the song titled, “METHodical”, off the upcoming release, which is yet to be named, and tentatively set for a “whenever we feel like releasing it” date. Next up, “Bloodsucking Freaks”, from the 13th Victim/The Bulemics split 7” (Scarey Records, 2009). At this point, I couldn’t see what was going on at the front of the stage. Eyes were bugging out of people’s heads throughout the room. Was Gerri getting a blowjob on stage (ala Emos in 2003) or performing an abortion? I couldn’t bear to look…ok, that’s a lie. Now that the band was warmed up a little, much to the pleasure of the “early music fans/elitists”, they broke out “Horny for Evil” off of the Old Enough To Know Better LP (Junk Records 1998). Rounding out the first trimester of the set was “Back In The Day”, also from the upcoming release. Unlike your average Kiss concert, the fans seemed to welcome the new material.

The Next four tracks consisted of classic hits “Make Me Sick” from Old Enough To Know Better (Junk Records, 1998), “Tonight We Kill”, “If I Only Had a Heart” from Can’t Keep it Down (Junk Records, 1998), and “Corruptor” from the Soundtrack to the Apocalypse (Scarey Records, 2002). At this point in the set, Gerri began spewing diatribes regarding random audience members. Like any good backing band, he would ultimately be cut off mid-sentence as the band would launch into the next sound without his prior approval. That’s right, Gerri! Shut the fuck up and rock! Now get on with the set and carry this rock n’ roll baby full term!

The third trimester of the set started with “Diary of A Whore” from the Soundtrack to the Apocalypse (Scarey Records, 2002), “Unholy Roller” an unreleased Electric Hellfire Club cover, “Snuff Queen” from Old Enough To Know Better (Junk Records, 1998), and finishing up strong with “Revenge”. Gerri made use of the entire room throughout the set and spent most of his time in the crowd and sometimes on the bar kicking bottles and swatting light fixtures. Not to mention the fact that he broke one of the the club’s Shure SM-57 microphone in half. By set’s end, Headhunters transformed from a slutty dive bar to a super-slutty sauna. Mission accomplished. Overall, the band put on a stellar performance fueled by a high energy crowd. Unlike many of their punk rock’n roll peers formed in the mid-90’s, after almost 15 years, this band still can still “give you a supersonic beatdown”. Look for more upcoming shows from The Bulemics in anticipation of the new record release. www.reverbnation.com/thebulemics

Of note was the opening act -The Dirty Charlie Band. If outlaw honky-tonk is in your deck of cards, these guys got a full house and a fat doobie to boot. Check them out at a club near you www.reverbnation.com/thedirtycharleyband.

-Melvin McMichaels


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