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In the opening track, Lucinda rasps, sounding like being she’s being recorded in a port-a-potty, “Talk about all the junk you did/ Like you talk about common trees/You look like a little kid/Bruises on her knees…You will never stop/’Cuz it’s too much fun/Now you want somebody to be your Buttercup/Good luck finding your buttercup.”

This record is Lucinda’s cry for help, succor, whatever. An inveterate heroin and crack addict, Lucinda seems to have written this record entirely for herself. But that’s ok. John Lennon did it, Chris Cornell, Mike Patton, Brian Eno, all of these artists have recorded self-therapeutic records that they hoped may heal their fans as well.

She’s not breaking new ground, but neither has her mentor Willie Nelson in the last 20 years. That’s not the point; Lucinda has her niche and it’s a comfort zone.

It’s heartbreak, it’s yearning, it’s reaching for the ultimate truth. But at the end of the day, we’re just humans after all.

And so is she.

And no, I didn’t only listen to the first track, it just summed the record up: Just be a better part of the species. Seriously, that is the gist of this record, which I listen to, drink whiskey to, and weep a little to, too.

Your turn.


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Movie Review: Senseless
starring Jason Behr ~ Emma Catherwood ~ Joe Ferrara

Our Sense's! We take them for granted every day of our lives! Every Morning when we wake up, and look at the morming sun, breath in the aroma of breakfast being cooked, and then Taste the replenishing Orange juice or coffee included in our meal! Until such time as somthing is takin from you, you really dont realize how much you will miss it! Imagine being locked up in a room by unknown terrorrists, and Having them tell you that one by one you will lose the ability to taste, see,hear, use your hands, and eventually your genitals. This bleek summary, describes the Horror Movie "Senseless". I at first read of the plot, disagreed with the choice of this being considered a horror movie! there are no supernatural aspects to it.Everything that happens, could happen to You! Senseless is infact, a remarkable film done with a very low budget, and it is well thought out! The plot is original, and keeps you on the edge of your seat. This movie also, is a testament for the mentality of the world around us, Seeing as all the main actor (jason Behr), is not only tortured and beaten regualry! As well as brutaly losing a part of his humanity, He is put in a morbid game with his kidnappers, who have him being filmed and broadcast worldwide! They are letting the people all over the globe decide what next to do to him!
Besides losing all your sense's I think the horror expands when the Viewer realizes that the Movie is correct, in today's society, We find pleasure in others Pain, we find humor in other's misfortune! this movie was released in late 2008 and was directed by Simon Hynd! To go any further into the plot of this well made film would cheat the reader out of the Experience that is "senseless"! The Movie slaps your face to reveal the Horrid truth of society today, We love to Hate, to see and feel others Despair! Yet how many would acctually Bend their knees as a good samaritan, if the reprecussions could mean equal treatment? Look around you, would the person nearest you sacrifice themselves for you? are you sure????

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