Photo by Jerry Milton

Motorhead Photso by Jerry Milton

Photo by Jerry Milton

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National Motorhead Day in Austin??? Yes, it’s true. Mayor Lee Leffingwell declared a proclamation stating that March 8th, 2011 was officially Motorhead Day in Austin! Having recently celebrated 35 years together, what else could Motorhead desire upon their return to Austin besides the keys to the city? And although the Mayor did make a typographical error on the proclamation in the spelling of Lemmy’s last name, who the fuck cares? March 8th 2011 is national Motorhead day in Austin! How rock-n-fucking-roll is that?

And on the eve of that day, I waited restlessly on a cab for 45 minutes, getting more pissed by the minute. Eventually I made my way to and into Stubb’s for the closing guitar licks from the mighty Valient Thorr (dammit). And though I was paying more attention to getting loaded than watching Clutch, I was all-ears by the time Motorhead took the stage. Unleashing with “We Are Motorhead” followed by “Stay Clean” Lemmy let the sold-out crowd at Stubb’s know early on in the set that they meant business. And that rocking was their business. Barely stopping between songs, Lemmy belted out tracks off their 20th studio album, “The World Is Yours” like “I Know How to Die”, “Get Back In Line” and “In the Name of Tragedy” with pummeling intensity. Louder than ever, Motorhead did not disappoint, mixing in eternal favorites “Ace of Spades”, “Overkill” and “Killed by Death”. Rocking his trademark boots, hat and mole, Lemmy showed, once again, why he is a national treasure, and worthy of having his own day in Austin, the black hole of rock-n-roll and Live Music Capitol of the World!

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By: Mark Marker

Those of us that show up to the conference early, learn to coach the weekenders. The constant bumps and spilled drinks, turns from angst to begging for mercy, by two days in. You are FORCED to submit, or go home. So you can usually tell those that come late, they are the ones still complaining. Aside of all the traffic woes, SXSW did not disappoint any music lover.


Best performance: Peelander-Z at Headhunters

Photo by Mark Marker

When Pinkus told me they hang off stuff, he wasn't kidding! This killer act from Japan defy gravity! They hang off stuff that isn't even there. Seriously, I was on the balcony and the guitarist was eye level with me, rippin leads! The only thing was, he WASN'T on the balcony. He was standing on peoples hands completing leads with ROCKSTAR poses. They are 100% hype, in the best of ways. Flash Cards for chanting choruses, costumes, and climbing all over EVERYTHING, makes this band a must see!!! Check them @ Wakarusa 1st week of June! Love this band!!!


Worst Performance: Duran Duran

Watched this one from a condo, overlooking Stubbs. Was absolutely heinous. The crowd was non-responsive. The band came out for an encore, with no request for one, and they left with everybody else. Tail between the legs. Chief audience complaint was the absence of the song "Rio". My chief complaint was the amped resurgence of Duran Duran.


Best Show: High Times Magazine Awards Ceremony @ Emo's!!!

We puffed tough on the front door of Emo's from the time the gate opened until the end of the show. Dude pulled jumbo's out, each individually labeled with the name of the strain you were about to smoke. In the back they had rows of smokers lined with fat bags of glorious stuff. This was bliss. I wish every day was just like this. Never ever ending. Honky delivered their brilliance and stuck everyone right in their bloodshot eye. Valient Thor stormed, and brought integrity back to the Metal Community. Vikings busted this shit out! Blower showed you what cool is. The food was was my top pick for SXSW vendor, of course, I had the munchies bad. Those colorful rice crispy treats made me hungrier, for some reason. Straight up I swear I would go to SXSW just for the High Times party.


High Times Best Austin Band of the Year: Honky

Honky does what nobody else can, makes classic rock fresh. They are so tight and so talented, they make you swell up and bust open with whiskey. Seriously good chemistry! Feel good music that is played with fortified talent. When you go support the next Honky show, bring a fatty and buy the band a round of BEAM.


Best New Band: Animal

This band is something to watch for. They have something that clicks hard. Fast time changes, thunderous drums and a strong hook. Wish I could find pix, or music, but this band is really brand new, like 4 months brand new. Watch them grow!


Best Metal Band: Valient Thorr

Valient Thorr

Valient Thorr

Okay. Wow. Been missing real metal? Valient Thorr will show you what's up. Had enough stoner rock, and want something to sink your teeth into? Valient Thorr will bring it. If you never seen a bunch of fur ball vikings completely go apeshit on stage, Valient Thorr is the show for you. The singer is a big red headed viking that is EXPLOSIVE, bustin every 80's metal pose in the dictionary, then making some up as he goes. See pix, dude actually got off stage, made everybody sit on the ground and pretend to row his viking ass back to shore. Definitely best metal band of the year, if not the decade.


Rolling Stone's 3rd best band of the conference: Amplified Heat

Blues punk metal from the ATX. Super good, super tight. 4th generation musicians, all three brothers. Think they got chemistry?! They are technical and original, but have enough familiarity to have sensible hooks. They are great and made for the seasoned ear. Check these guys out!


Best SXSW Club Calendar: Trophy's

These guys got venue pick, because we found ourselves there more than anywhere else. Was easy to park, had a great crowd, and most importantly had a TON of great talent. Including: ANIMAL, Honky, Amplified Heat, Vagabond Swing, Lord Slough Feg, Black Eyed Vermillion, Scorpio Rising, The Lions, Hot Crush and many more. They had three stages, no soundman, and ran on time all day. Unbelievable. Good job Trophy's and Whoopsy!

There were too many people, too much traffic, Was totally insane. The biggest distraction on earth! However, was FULL of great music, and the High Times party is worth showing up for every year! I left out a bunch of good stuff. Lovejoys closing party with Vagabond Swing, Black Eyed Vermillion, Mr. Lewis and The Funeral 5 and more was awesome! Death Metal Pizza saved a man. Black Irish Texas giving away Guinness and Jameson at Jackalopes was a great time! Joe's Bloody Mary @ Casino's was a meal! The best on the planet, hands down. Was overall, a great experience, full of frustration. Swore, by the end of the conference, I would never do SXSW again. Now, after reliving some of the memories, I can't wait until next year! Those of you I forgot to mention, apologies. See ya next time!

Peelander-z "STEAK" video!!!

Duran Duran @ Stubbs, SXSW 2011

Peelander-z "So Many Mike" video, SXSW 2010


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