Wino and Scott Kelly Tour
Chicago- Abbey Pub 2-9-11

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I bumped into a handful of frozen beards asking for directions on desolate Detroit streets, searching for some meager scene of a particular underground music that would hit my strip from time to time and town to town but thanks to GPS, I can now rely on our friendly Big Brother to guide me to flight into sound. As much pun and grief as the U.S. government gets for their true intentions, it is helpful in our life journey and galactic adventure as is harmful keeping technology in or out of reach. If you stripped it down and unplugged the government, what you would find is mankind, pure and simple. They have jobs to do, mouths to feed, and if we're standing in the way of survival, we could easily be removed. Wino and Scott Kelly teamed up in early FEB 2011 with their dueling acoustic set to do one thing: survive. Each day in the universe of dark and light matter - whether enlightened or ignorant - we fend, forge and fight for survival. The evening was opened with award winning, local Chicago act Earthen Grave with an acoustic set that complemented the Abbey Pub’s wooden floor and the sets to follow. Wino stepped out of his usual doom metal comfort zone and walked up to the stage during the last Pentagram unplugged song dedicated to him. It's awarding to know others are recognizing all these bands as a whole and not necessarily a divided group. If you ask any in the scene, it can be described as doom-addled drama to some while bands like Pentagram have seen 30+ members in their 40-year careers. The one thing I appreciated the most about these two influential musicians standing side by side - stripping down to their bare band knuckles and hard-earned lyrical wisdom - is that in the end people were brought together for once, which is what melody is all about. At times there are one too many bands out there bullying their bass strings and breeding hatred rather than regulating, in case the instance of resistance is necessary for other innocent by-standers to survive. Its hard enough to find a decent neighbor nearby, therefore why drive 300 miles to feel torn apart? It certainly brought a sense of security of my support of these obscure bands that have a soft side, because brutality should be considered a presence of the past, as peace settles all conflict within a matter of time and tuned notes. Let's rejoice in knowing there is life and a future in doom metal instead of feeding so much into a past that purposely created so much turmoil and death.

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Down @ The Warehouse Live! in Houston March 6th, 2011

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By : Mark Marker

This Sunday night show was @ capacity @ The Warehouse. The band, the room and the fans all brought it. First I have ever seen someone dive from the pit onto the mezzanine. Like from the floor, and hurdled 12 people in the process!!!!! Dude had no gravity. Best part was, when he cleared the people, and the 8 foot fence, he actually FACEPLANTED!! Frickin superhuman.

Band wasn't short on energy either. After playing in music for nearly 30 years these veteran all stars still seemed to have a blast, and a grip on their youth. Band currently features Phil Anselmo of Pantera, Pepper Keenan of Corrosion of Conformity, Kirk Windstein of Crowbar, Rex Brown of Pantera and Jimmy Bower of Eyehategod. Obviously, they have very active schedules but have given the gulf coast a handful of dates and are takin' it to Europe in June. Looks like they are give this a good push.

These guys are outta NOLA and have felt the fall and rise of a phoenix. From Katrina to Superbowl. This city is resilient and so is this band. New Orleans is really one of the most original music cities we have in America. They seem to hold onto to tradition and transcend it's own musical boundaries. Keeping classics fresh, This city offers up some of the best in all genres, without California pretentiousness. The Meters/Nevilles, Rebirth Brass Band, Harry Connick Jr., Cowboy Mouth, Galactic, KRS-ONE, Corroision of Conformity, muthaphuckin' DOWN, etc, etc, etc. Fer reals? People all braggin' on Seattle, SF, LA, ATX, Detroit, Nashville all being these rich music cities. WHATTHEFUCKEVER! All those places are badass, but you want something you never had before? Go to NOLA. Fuck the line @ ACME, go across the street to Felix's for the best oysters in the world. Had to throw that plug in. Real talk though.

Here is the first episode of 4 from "Shit Phil Says"

If you missed 'em in Houston, you missed out. Yet you still have a couple chances to see them at some great venues in other great cities. My pick would be Philly @ The Troc. Sorry guys, would road trip with you, but going to the home of Down for Jazzfest. See ya around the corner! If you are anywhere near one of these shows. Go.

Anders Osbourne with Vagabond Swing @ Last Concert Cafe 3-11-11
By: Shirley Can

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Okay. I must admit I didn't know this guys pedigree. He has some noteworthy accomplishments. I went to this show because I thought his band had Pepper Keenan (Corrosion of Conformity), Stanton Moore and Robert Walters backing him up. I didn't know why I didn't know him, but figured he must have somethin' goin' on to be playin' with such a stellar cast. Wrong. He didn't even have the band I was so excited to see with him. Had a couple good musicians, but NOT Stanton, Pepper and Robert. Still wanted to know what the fuss was all about. Swear to god I have never seen so much jacking off in my life. This old man was like one giant guitar solo. Dude... frickin hippy wouldn't stop. Someone should put a leash on that. Like your older brother who has been learning how to play lead guitar in his bedroom, of your parents house, for 40 years. Give it a rest! If I could have been close enough, I would have unplugged his amp. Sorry. Mastubatory. Don't get it. Don't want to. He keeps good company, and knows how to play guitar, but that was painful. Apparently he can write songs, although the ones I listened to last night, all sounded like one long guitar solo. Sorry for being redundant, but so was he. He wrote a couple songs with Keb' Mo, and that record won a Grammy in1999. Also wrote another song for Tim McGraw that hit #1 on the country charts and sold a few million records. Wrote a couple tunes for Johnny Lang that got some Hollywood Heat. Did NOT hear any of that song writing skill last night. Just one long guitar solo. YAWN.

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Now those kids I wrote about before, Vagabond Swing, they opened. They win. OMFG! They are fantastic! Was so happy I was there early enough to see these sexy kids show Anders whaddups with writing a song. Really Anders, maybe you should have therm help you write some music to play live. That drummer has the sexiest voice alive and I would let him kick my bass drum with his fuzzy stick ANYTIME! Speaking of bass?! What is up with that standup bassist????? He is fucking possessed. Hands down, Vagabond Swing got me wet, and Anders Osbourne dried me out. Went home alone. Thought of sex after such an anti-climatic show, made me grip my Blue Dolphin vibrator extra hard, thinking about the lads of Vagabond Swing, until satisfaction, and my morning coffee.

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