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Eunice and Christy Photo by Darla Teagarden
St. Catherine of the Wheel

Author, photographer, artist, musician and clothing designer Christy Kane has just added moviemaker to the list.

Long enchanteded with the whimsical side of traditional fairy tales, Kane focuses her creative energies on the imaginary, wonderful world of her muses, three of whom are Lily, Callalilly and Polly. A dynamic and ambitious artist, Kane keeps the girls busy. As of October 2007, Callalilly is now a movie star.

Lily, Callalilly and Polly are handmade dolls that now pinion Kane’s art, but it wasn’t always the case. Always influenced by the unusual, Kane, who graduated from New York University Tisch School of Art with a degree in Fine Art Photography, handmade props, costumes, and used various specialty photographic films to make the subjects in her photographs appear otherworldly. During this same period she started to write stories and poetry and would use her photos to illustrate them. But something was missing.

As Kane’s stories evolved, it became increasingly obvious that her human subjects were not rendering the feel she wanted to convey. She wanted to create a more imaginative world while still using photography as her medium, so she began to make dolls. Lily was the first, followed by Callalilly, and then Polly. After photographing the dolls and thinking about their relationship to each other, she realized that they were indeed Sisters and that is how she discovered the missing link. Thus the Sisters Kane were born.

Kane has been handcrafting and photographing her dolls ever since, and has exhibited her photographs, and original one-of-a-kind dolls at numerous galleries in New York, Los Angeles, New Orleans and Austin, Texas. Her first book about the dolls, Tales of the Sisters Kane, was published in October of 2006 by Baby Tattoo Publications.

By now, the dolls’ ambitious streak took on a life of its own. In June of 2007 Kane joined forces with the Chiodo Bros. and New Image Media to animate one of the tales from her book with live puppetry. Directed by Stephen Chiodo (Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Vincent, Team America and Elf), Callalilly is a glimpse into the world of the Sisters Kane, a world where only dolls exist and valuable lessons are learned.

Kane’s enchanting artwork, stories and movies are perfect for children with a sense of adventure as well as adults who, deep down, still believe in Peter Pan. And fans of Hillaire Belloc’s “Cautionary Tales”, the Brothers Grimm, ETA Hoffmann, Tim Burton, Edward Gorey and Gris Grimly will have no trouble adding Christy Kane to the list. Christy Kane’s Tale of Callililly, already an official selection at this year’s Newport Beach Film Festival, is due for general release in October. Tales of the Sisters Kane is available now at all good booksellers.

Current projects include a new blog that will introduce you to more of the Sisters Kane, and their world….www.sisterskane.com

St. Catherine of the Wheel

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