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Vinyl Vengeance 11/29/11

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Bar-Kays – Whitehouseorgy
Average White Band – Groovin’ the Night Away
Afrique – Slow Motion
Brick – We Don’t Wanna Sit Down
Bill Black’s Combo – Tequila
The Brothers Johnson – Ride-O-Rocket
High Voltage – Roller
B.T. Express – You Got It – I Want It
The Isley Brothers – Fight The Power
Mother’s Finest – Fly With Me (Feel the Love)
Eddie Kendricks – Son of Sagittarius
MFSB – Family Affair
Kool And The Gang – The Force
Mickey & The Soul Generation – Up the Stairs and Around the Bend
Labelle – Far as We Felt like Goin’
Van McCoy – Turn this Mother Out
Rose Royce – You Can’t Please Everybody
Ohio Players – Walt’s First Trip
Merl Saunders – Boogie on Reggae Woman
Parliament – Take Your Dead Ass Home
Skyy – Lets Turn It Out
Prince – In Love
Slave – Slide
The Main Ingredient – Have You Ever Tried It
Diana Ross – You’re All I Need to Get By
Rufus – Maybe Your Baby
Giorgio Moroder – Get On the Funk Train

Glam Rock: Part II

A Lifestyle of Outrageous Music and Mayhem

          Glam Rock. How does such a perverse and heartfelt exaltation of emotional splatter not only become the chosen music of local scene denizens but develop deep roots of style that would explode all over the U.K., Australia and the U.S.A? It was an incredible genre of music so in love with itself that waves of sexuality exuded from depths of a freaky collective psyche direct to the core of our inner beings. It was a vulgar display of outrageousness, with wild costumes, make-up, sexually suggestive body gestures, and voracious consumption of alcohol and drugs. But for those who listened, these were only the points of initiation into the deep underbelly of our beloved and depraved choice of musical entertainment. How could such depraved acts be performed live in public and on stage for your entertainment pleasure?

         Performance Art and Glam Rock have been bedfellows long enough to have become synonymous, and performers in both genres can sometimes create such a disturbance that the law must intervene to disrupt the proceedings. This music is so glamorous and hot that the youth who dug it developed a serious need to groove and get down that back alley, out on the dirty boulevard, or down a dusty back road to fill some void in their young lives. Glam showed them that there was a future and it burned so bright and shiny that the beautiful ones would rejoice, dance, and sing out loud.

         Glam Rock was unable to maintain the high life for more than a few years because of the half-life built in by its own intensity. Approaching the end of the 70’s the influence of Glam settled over popular culture and infected movies, Top 40 Radio, and of course the dreaded advertising machine that is the STD in any modern creative body. Glam was co-opted by every sham man in the business and the music became cheap product. Priorities changed. It was no longer a heartfelt expression of freaking out the man, but a golden ticket into the world of the cool kids. By the end of course those buying the faux product of leftover attitude weren’t aware of the gift of freedom it had once been. It is never a pretty sight when everything ends in tear-smeared eyeliner and a vomit of ripped, shiny clothes.

Suzi Quatro (1972 to present) Most often recognized as Leather Tuscadero on the TV sitcom Happy Days, Suzi Quatro has been pounding out tunes since age 14, starting in the all-girl group Pleasure Seekers and later joining another all female band Fanny. Having hit records in various countries since her first release “Rolling Stone” in 1972, Suzi Quatro has toured, written, and performed her 50’s greaser styled Glam Rock worldwide and continues to work to this day. Loved for her strong female front-woman persona and leather look, she has influenced bands such as The Runaways, Joan Jett, and the Riot Grrrl movement. Suzi Quatro continues to be a force to be reckoned with.

Queen (1971to present) Queen incorporated so much sugar and spice to the music that what could have been convoluted and overbearing instead became one of the biggest selling Rock bands of all time. Initially they were Rock n Roll with Prog Rock elements but with such varying influences as Classical, Show Tunes, Gospel and Funk. With their second release Queen II the Glam Rock title was first applied to the band. Unrelenting in musical style, quality, and performance, Queen was not a fluke. The guys were aware of how to develop their sound and create the best experience for the audience. Queen went on after the death of lead singer Freddie Mercury with Free / Bad Company frontman Paul Rodgers and continue to tour successfully.

Roxy Music (1970 to today) Roxy Music is one of the most consistently original and quality driven bands of the 1970’s British scene. The first LP “Roxy Music” was successful and reached #10 in 1972 as the first single “Virginia Plain” rose to #4 on the U.K. Charts. Being visually classy and experimental, the band was deeply influential in Glam Rock, New Wave, New Romantic, Punk and Electronic music. The musicians in the band were as eclectic as the instruments they played, which included sax, oboe, synthesizer, and violin. Although the band was more popular in the U.K., Europe, and Australia they have had a wide-ranging and lasting impression on popular music while shifting from their heavier Rock beginnings to a smooth sound and crooning vocals. Roxy Music continued to be successful into the early 1980’s with hits like “Avalon” and “More Than This” with the help of music videos. The band regrouped in 2001 for their 30th anniversary and toured extensively.

Slade (1969 to today) One of the most successful Glam Rock bands of all time, with seventeen Top 20 hits and six number one singles written by Noddy Holder and Jim Lea, they have released over thirty albums during their varied career, and their best- selling single “Merry Xmas Everybody” sold over 1,000,000 copies. In the early 1970’s they grew their hair long and wore outrageous costumes to align themselves with the era’s popular Glam Rock movement. Achieving popularity in the U.K. and Australia, they recorded Slade Alive!, now considered one of the best live records ever made. Slade has tried several times to break into the American music scene without much luck, but have influenced many bands including Kiss, Quiet Riot, Motley Crue, Poison, Def Leppard, Oasis, Cheap Trick, Twisted Sister, The Runaways, just to name a few.

Sweet (1968-1982) Formed in 1968, Sweet had their first hit Bubblegum-style hit "Funny Funny" in 1971. They changed their style over the next few years to a more Glam/Hard Rock sound and made it big with “Little Willy” in 1972, “Block Buster!” in 1973, “Hell Raiser” in 1973, “The Ballroom Blitz” in 1973 and “Teenage Rampage” in 1974. Then in 1975 their self-written and produced single “Fox on the Run” reached number two in the U.K. and has become one of their most popular songs. Again their style of music changed to a highly produced, almost Prog Rock sound with the Top 10 hit “Love is Like Oxygen” in 1978.

There are so many more bands on my list to talk about but this is about all the time and space that I have for now. Listen in to the DJ MOFO Show 5-7pm Saturday January 7th for the Glam Rock Revue Part II on kaosradioaustin.org.

-Shawn Truitt



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