Clyde and Clem's Whiskey Business
Tuesday nights-The Hole in The Wall.

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"This Article Could Write Itself"
Clyde and Clem's Whiskey Business-Tuesday nights-The Hole in The Wall.

Fun times. Great Music. Nice Men. Good crowd. Everyone gets laid.

The End
-Kris Moore

New Bomb Turks
Red 7, Austin, TX 11.12.11

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December 8, 2011

Upon the 1993 release of their debut LP, !Destroy-Oh-Boy!, the New Bomb Turks became criticsí little darlings and garage-punk heroes instantaneously. Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, the band would go on to release five more full-length records before calling it a day somewhere around 2003/2004. Since this time, they have reunited two or three times a year, often traveling halfway around the world to collect major euros. In 2007, the band was flown to Tromso, Norway to play a festival with The Stooges and Turbonegro.


photo by Jerry Milton. See More Photos

NBT frontman, Eric Davidson,  has most recently written a new book entitled We Never Learn Ė The Gunk Punk Underguy, 1988-2001. I believe this is a must read for the average music snob. Davidson is has a vault of knowledge about everything you should be listening to. Eric currently lives in Brooklyn and plays in a new band called The Livids.

Following absolutely killer warm-up sets from OBN IIIís, Grand Champeen, and High Tension Wires, New Bomb Turks ripped through a one-hour set of classic face melting punk ní roll. They ripped through a host of songs including many tracks from fan favorite records, !Destroy-Oh-Boy! and Information Highway Revisited. By the time they were nearing sets end, I was nearing the end of a 12-pack. I want to say I remember hearing Pirate Love and definitely remember hearing the NBT classic, Defiled. It was in the middle of this song Davidson commanded silence in the room and brought the crowd members down to their knees.


photo by Jerry Milton

After toying with audience members for about five minutes, the band erupted back into the chorus and the audience members burst into the air! It was nothing short of glorious.

As usual, Eric was a complete live wire onstage. Any fan of the Turks will tell you that the guy is a lunatic onstage. He has the flare of Mick Jagger, commands a crowd like David Lee Roth, and brings the Iggy-blend of danger to your front door. I canít imagine any band having to follow a NBT set. Ouch. I would venture to say local favorites, Riverboat  Gamblers, may have taken a page out of the NBT playbook. Itís just that kind of rock show.

Iím not sure what the plans are for the NBTís in the future, but one can only hope they return to the stage time and time again so the next generation can get a taste of how itís done. New Bomb Turks are and will always be sitting on the top of the late 20th century punk rock ní roll totem pole.

~Melvin McMichaels



Red7-November 3, 2011

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Every once in a while you go to a show and you see a band where they sound a lot like their recording. Ok. This rarely happens. The beauty of the live sound is, it's a LIVE sound. To capture that sound quality on a recording, the likelihood of it coming close to the live sound, is pretty fucking rare.
Hull's second recording, Beyond The Lightless Sky is a good, damn good recording. Their live sound, matches it pretty damn close, too. But, Thank Baddassery, it also kicks it's ass.

Hull kicked OUR ass at the Red7 on November 3rd, 2011. It was a brutal slaying of 3 whole songs from their two recordings Sole Lord and Beyond the Lightless Sky.

Hull is five guys from Brooklyn New York; Bassist Seanbryant Dunn, Guitarist Nicholas Palmirotto, Drummer Jeff Stieber, Guitarist Drew Mack, and Guitarist Carmine Laietta. Average dudes, not snotty, not demonic, not driven by libido or ego, just five guys who like to play the music. And fuckme...no no no...fuck you, they do it pretty damn good.

They do not list a vocalist on their website, recordings, press releases, etc. Why? They all sing. Lead guitarist? There are three of em. "Lead" depends on the song.

The setlist at the Red7:
Earth from Water
False Priest
Viking Funeral

Viking Funeral is (almost) 17 minutes long. Did you miss a deadline because your life has been sucking the life out of you? Do you hate the thought of the holidays..period..alone or with your family? Did your coworkers surround you like a creepy bunch of old people who look like they are going to eat your cat? Does all of it make you wanna crush something?

Don't do it. Listen to this instead and let the blood flow: http://www.decibelmagazine.com/listen/hull-viking-funeral-streaming-mp3/

Ok, ok. Listen to it as many times as it takes. Get that creepy smile across your face. Go ahead, scare some work bitches.

Hull is pure catharsis.

For more songs: Hull on Facebook

-Kris Moore

Power Chiefs
Thanksgiving @ Hole in the Wall

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Bedlam Became Mayhem at The Hole in The Wall.

Dickie James (drummer), Rio Norris (singer/guitarist), and Andy Khan (bassist) are Power Chief. On Thanksgiving night, they were joined onstage by a lot of drunken friends and fans. The Hole in The Wall is home to many smiling faces. They are so nice there they cooked a free Thanksgiving spread. All you had to do was buy your own beer and if you so desired, watch Texas beat Texas' ass for the last time. Good. Times.

Everyone ate great Southern grind. Then after a short break that consisted of whiskey and well, more whiskey (AND beer), Power Chiefs took to the stage and entertained us some more. They play exactly where they belong. The band consists of three bartenders and a cook. Everyone loves their food, their jokes, and their drinks. Singer/guitarist, Rio's favorite drink to make is the Brojob. Go get yourself one...or not.

Setlist? What setlist? We don't need no stinking setlist! It was a Thanksgiving jam session on The Drag at one of Austin's fine musical establishments, The Hole in The Wall. Power Chief's played a mix of rockabilly, old time country and rock n roll, bluegrass, and mixed it up just fine, like a Honky Tonk should. Good. Times.

On a sidenote: Nathan Hill and Denis O'Donell veteran's of The Hole in The Wall will be opening, The White Horse Bar located at 500 Comal St Austin, TX 78702, (in between 5th and 6th street on Comal) the weekend of December 9th, 2011. Those of you who know Denis and Nathan can attest to the good times and well, the Damn. Good. Times.

-Kris Moore

Black Tusk
Venomous Maximus
October 27, 2011

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I’ve been lucky enough to see Mastodon at a smaller venue before this night (Emo’s in Austin), but most present had only seen them at arena spectacles like Ozzfest. The excitement was palpable but the anticipation for the headliners did nothing to dampen the audience’s appreciation of the supporting acts.

Openers Venomous Maximus (featuring Drunken Thunder alum Trevi Biles) killed, rocking the swiftly swelling crowd old school. Maybe it was the leather vest or the squealing guitars, but these guys have a cool take on classical metal that somehow eludes falling into ironic cliché or the threat of being slapped with the retro label. While still a modern metal band, VM evoked Iron Maiden and Judas Priest on more than one occasion this evening.

Black Tusk, a Georgia power trio that often sound like a thrash band with a spiky metal veneer, tore through a slew of ripping songs that left more than one audience member dizzy trying to keep up through head-banging. But they still have a very southern feel about them, unable to shake the influence of the Kudzu state. Think Celtic Frost meets the Georgia Satellites.

At this point, I should stop to thank the management of Fitzgerald’s for reportedly slightly under-selling the show. Though it was probably just to give the rickety floor a break from a horde of beefy bouncing metal fans, the little extra breathing space it provided was most welcome.

But not as welcome as Mastodon when they hit the stage, opening with “Dry Bone Valley” off their most recent album The Hunter. They would re-visit the newer material several times throughout the set. They played at least a half-dozen songs off the new one, including the single “Curl of the Burl,” my personal vote for most annoying song of the year. Love the band, don’t dig that particular ditty.

But they more than made up for that song by hitting plenty of highlights from the past including “Crystal Skull”; “I Am Ahab” and “Sleeping Giant” (a personal fave) before ending the night with their signature anthem “Blood and Thunder.”

Keeping it loose and fun while simultaneously virtually replicating the recorded material, Mastodon once again proved why they are one of the best metal bands on the planet.

- Trevor J Wallace



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