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AGONY COLUMN...it comes down to this…

By Tammy Moore

Agony Column is what it is and that’s a band that was ahead of its time. They missed the brass ring but occupy space in sacred places within the hearts of metal practitioners that would argue passionately that this band should have claimed a heavyweight title in the underground that spawned the modern hybrid of southern rock based metal that our ears have grown accustomed to. It goes like that for some…the authentic designers of certain sounds. They don’t necessarily see the commercial success of those they’ve influenced or simply shared a consciousness with. But, in this case, they can live with the knowledge that, without the music that their union produced, the world would be minus some wildly ingenious raunch and, well, that would just make life that much less intriguing for everyone. It might be impossible to measure the true reach of their impact. In a world that seemingly values monetary success and fame above all things, that may seem like small compensation. But not really… it’s a blessed few bands that could make an appearance fifteen years after bidding adieu to their ‘hellbilly metal onslaught’ and resurface to a following of rabid and still faithful disciples. But Agony Column can do it and that’s really not too shabby in the grand scheme of things. Wouldn’t so many of us wish we could do that too? Come lay prostrate with the hordes on Saturday, the 17th when Agony Column hits Emo’s inside stage as part of the celebratory December death march, growing more deafening by the day, as we wait for the undisputed rock-n-roll asylum to close its downtown doors forever more.


Austin’s only seen these guys once this century and fans old and new will be climbing into their 4x4s, strapping on 66 6-guns and heading straight for the hole to hell on Saturday December 17th at Emo’s on Red River. If you’ve ever seen Deliverance and you know the definition of onslaught you’ll be there too. See you up front you hellbilly freaks and watch out you don’t get a snakebite.

Renee Harper




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