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Poison: A Decade of Dialogue & Good Times With Singer & Party Starter, Bret Michaels

I’ve been a Poison fan since 1986 when I saw the unknown upstarts open for Cinderella and Loudness at Sunken Gardens Theater in San Antonio. Thirteen years later, singer Bret Michaels started making a habit of welcoming me backstage, onstage and anywhere else within reach of some cold Coronas. more...

Anthrax returns with ‘Worship Music’

Anthrax returns with ‘Worship Music’

Turbo Lovers

The Judas Priest singer talks farewell tour (?), the departure of KK, his boozy days of yore and more...

Yakking with … bassist Mykel Foster of Houston-Austin rockers, Southbound Saints

Metal Dave Productions & 2Fast2Die present Southbound Saints, New Disaster, Flexx Bronco and Hot Crush at Austin's Red Eyed Fly on Aug. 26. Meanwhile, we talk punk rock, tattoos and dodging the cops with Saints bassist Mykel Foster

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