Apogee Sound Club
Beligerant…… 4 song 7″ Vinyl  EP
Fullyintercoastal Records


WADE DRIVER (guitar, vocals)
LIZ BYRNE ( bass, vocals)

Liz Byrne, Harrison Holloway and Wade Driver

What does Apogee mean? Well, Random House Webster’s College Dictionary says:
” ap o geeˈæp əˌdʒi(n ) the point in the orbit of the moon or of an artificial satellite at which it is farthest from the earth Category Astronomy Ref Compare perigee the highest or most exalted point climax an apogee of artistic development.

This ain’t no jam session, this is a gotdam political and social revolution, set to the wildly kinetic, yet somehow organized chaos of Apogee Sound Club. Apogee is primarily made up of three players. Driver, Byrne and Holloway, a trio that make enough sound and energy to blow away a band twice its’ size. Listening to Apogee takes me back to the glorious and frenetic time that I first heard “The Punch Line”,  the Minutemen’s first LP.  Though in that Minutemen vein , Apogee is at once unique and a fresh breath of unbridled creativity.

Liz Byrne

Stripped down, unpretentious music for the sake of art from the heart put into the medium of music. These are songs that incite riots of free thinking and invitations to individuality in the face of conformity. This 4 song EP titled “Belligerant” is a literal war cry against the state of society today. Struggling and screaming for change in “a world filled with police brutality, globalization, militarization and cultural gentrification”. These are not songs that will lull you into ignorant sheep mentality to help you shut out reality. These are songs to throw Molotov Cocktails to.  “Belligerant” is a manifesto calling for real change, for the people by the people. In an age where everything and everyone can be marketed, especially “punk rock”. People fear and avoid what they can’t classify, label or understand. Apogee Sound Club defies classification. They are in a class all their own. Liz Byrne’s bass is the pounding, concise backbone that pairs with  Holloway’s  Krupa style drumming to create a rhythm that is more jazz fusion than simple rock and roll.

Liz Byrne and Harrison Holloway

Driver’s guitar joins the fray with guitar riffs at times both atonal and melodic. The ASC brew is unconventional and undeniably urgent, like the topics and lyrics in the songs. And Driver’s lyrics and Byrne’s backing vocals rage against complacency and lethargy. They seem to say “THE TIME IS NOW, GET OFF YOUR ASS”. Apogee makes no attempt to hide their purpose or their agenda: REVOLUTION. In every facet of society and creativity. Part of the USE (Underground Sound Energy) movement, ASC decries tyranny of any kind in America;  from unlawful detention, to the corporate ownership of America’s so called democracy. The vinyl 7″ comes complete with a “comic” book sing along, with lyrics to the 4 songs and the kind of raw art that fits “Belligerant” to a “T”.

Harrison Holloway and Wade Driver

“Belligerant” is a loud cry in the wilderness of ignorance and false contentment. To try to pigeon hole ASC or “Belligerant” into a musical style or a genre is futile. It is as different and necessary as art itself. ASC refuses to color inside the lines set down by society and culture. Lines are barriers. Unjust laws and practices are walls, and APOGEE SOUND CLUB is tearing those walls down. “Belligerant” is SWEET DISSONANCE and Apogee Sound Club are MUSICAL DISSIDENTS.

– Justin Buzzcrusher

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