Featured Artist : Lateefah Wright : Kil Studios

"my trigger to sculpt stems mostly from that excited place where most people go deep inside to create their babies. please do not misunderstand... i do indeed know how babies are made...but thats exactly how what i mean is meant. Ovarian sparks, monthly cycles...the urge to push, not in that particular order. The courtship, is of course, the romantic fantasy that leads to all the rest. Ink sketching seduces me to obsess on rough sculpts, that eventually turn me on, to the desire to see them again, to fruition. that drive to be around them day and night and never to leave their side, begins the manipulations in wet clay of 2, 3 even 4 of one head, each slightly more appealing than the first...but the eyes are always saved for last."

lateefah sculpts original dolls, puppets, banks, and nearly anything that can be personified into an historical harlot, harpie, heroine or heiress. her weapon of choice is fire...2200 degrees and hotter, when permitted.

A secret recipe, handcrafted-stoneware clay body, is companion to her compulsive tendencies to throw on the potters wheel, slab, hand build and even hollow cast her one of a kind bébes, and perverted puppets©. As coveted as her clay, are her glazes. All are handmade using oxides & carbonates to colour and glycerin to taste.

post kiln firing, finds lateefah assembling her hand crocheted wigs, she custom dyes to match the clothing of a collector's particular theme. the crinolines, frocks, stockings and underpinnings are all needle sewn from antique laces painstakingly collected and acquired.

Larger in-animates are given voice modulars, stuffed with heartbeats, dated music, or stifled screams. All dollies are anatomically correct, with soft leather torsos and straddle~able limbs. Figurines, reliquaries, peggybanks© and girl-pressed tile, all stack up in her Kil Studios, as she can rarely make one thing at a time. Into next year, lateefah will be reworking her design of a ball jointed, swivel head that has got her all thumbs.

"Whilst sculpting, i am most likely to pop in a Todd Browning flick and blast 1890s minstrel 45s and 10th century tarentellas at once...i abhor a quiet studio, and bang on my piano when i get stuck or need reprieve for a sec...the bloody thing is covered in clay and none of the cords sound unless banged on like mad...my neighbors would much prefer i knew midnight from noon...but i do not."

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