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Sons of Tonatiuh – Self Titled
Dark Castle "Spirited Migration

Sons of Tonatiuh – Self Titled - LP – Hyrdo Phonic Records

Former members of Leechmilk, and Atlanta-based, bloodshot doomhounds have summoned up their native doom tongue for a self-titled full-length loaded with heavy loose cannon balls firing off into doom-filled red skies. Alongside bands like Phoebia, Eyehategod, Zoroaster and Crowbar, Sons of Tonatiuh touch up on the sludge subject using weapons of mass doom destruction. Their southern swamp Anarchy doom boogie cookbook consists of hidden truth and foreign tongues that speak through. Withered member, Mike Longoria recorded their first demo song bank in 2008 and since then, Hydro Phonic Records have caught onto their muggy, souped up doomed tunes. “Chain Up The Masses’ delivers an epic mining size explosion right in front of us. Welcoming these hallowed witnesses to the new Doom Circle won’t take much more persuasion besides the inspiration and art on the cover coming from Vertebrae 33 artist Rodney Githens.


Dark Castle "Spirited Migration"

More and more bands are getting the hang of self-releasing their material, which is always a plus when the bands can stand on their own four feet, such as, Dark Castle. Branching out of St. Augustine, Florida to stretch their metal across the coastal mounds, mountainous terrain, amber waves of grain and rolling sand dunes to bring a voluminous primitive, dark dreary, Dark Castle come equipped, aware and educated thoroughly in Metal history 101 giving other Florida death metal mad props and appropriate recognition. Tattoo shop owners on the side, and doom merchant recording artists, Stevie Floyd and Rob Schaffer recorded “Spirited Migration” back in 2009, but is just now making its debut appearance several unsuspecting homes and towns. If High on Fire, Kylesa and Melvins are some of your top picks or epic riffs, Dark Castle will e shortly behind. BACK TO TOP



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