Rock The Cradle 3
Jamail's Skate Park
Review by Mr. Roadrash

We walked in to this event open minded and open hearted. This was a show featuring a World Cup Skating event that benefits Cancer Research and Awareness by donating proceeds to the Johnnykickscancer Foundation, and donating blood to the mobile blood banks that were on site. Rock The Cradle provided fans with sick exhibitions, amateur and pro skating competition, along with music by Honky (feat. Pinkus of The Butthole Surfers) and DJ Ceeplus Bad Knives.

There was a healthy turnout to raise funds and blood for Johnny Romano's foundation. Everybody had a blast and there were some great memories had by those that were there!!!

Jamail’s Skate Park is something for Houston to sing about. They really have done an outstanding job with deep concrete. They have a sick ass pool with the deepest cradle in the USA, using the Houston skyline as the backdrop. Massive and beautiful. Admission is typically free. Helmets mandatory, pads advised. Family friendly atmosphere, without losing its edge. Security was there to help, and all of staff has a good vibe. Truly a landmark for skating in Texas and beyond!
Johnny Romano was only 10 years old when he passed away after a three year battle with leukemia. Johnny became the youngest pro skater at age 7 with his own official line of skateboards, t-shirts, shoes and wheels. He donated the proceeds of his pro-am skateboard to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. He was also an active member of the Gulf Coast area skating community and a TV advocate for blood donation. His three-year battle with leukemia came to an end September 23, 2008, but his courageous spirit lives on in his friends and fellow skaters!

Sky Siljeg won the competition, Kevin Kowalski placed second, Bucky Lasek placed third, and Steve Pineiro placed 4th in the pro skate division.

Thanks Houston and all involved for giving back!!!!!!!!!!!


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