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Seconds Late for the Brighton Line by The Legendary Pink Dots
Tribute to Bad Lyrics Compiled by Pat Moriarity
Soundtrack to an Untimely Death by Vagabond Swing

Seconds Late for the Brighton Line
by The Legendary Pink Dots

Album review by Mark Marker

30 years of experimental music and still going strong. This record certainly has some masterpieces, and deserves recognition. Residents meet Pink Floyd, mixed up with trance, ambience, dance and dub. LPD takes steady rhythms of various sonic aptitudes, layers them, and adds texture with melody and purpose. Being the kid that preferred to listen to sound effects records over rock music, 30 years ago, made these Anglo/Dutch artists instant favorites of mine. “Seconds Late…” is dark, scary, ethereal and calming. The songs are long and move through soundscapes effortlessly. Arm yourself with psychedelics and fractal screen savers.

Finally, people keep asking how they came up with their name. There was a piano in their rehearsal studio, when they first got together. The piano had dots from pink fingernail polish on the keys, in no particular pattern, or scale. Nobody knows why the dots were there. That made them "legendary". That's how they came up with the name. Yes, they still have the piano.

You can buy this and other material, directly from the artist online: www.terminalkaleidoscope.com

Performing their 30th anniversary tour in Austin, TX @ Elysium on November 10th, 2010!!!!

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Tribute to Bad Lyrics
Compiled by Pat Moriarity

New recordings based on old, pre-existing song lyrics, and not purposely written for the project.

Wow. This record was not anywhere close to as bad as I was expecting. The infamous Pat Moriarity put out this tasty pile of dookie, "Tribute to Bad Lyrics". Moriarity gets a stellar cast of artists from the Pacific Northwest and beyond together to compile arrangements of songs that have bad lyrics. Really is a pile of dung, silver coated dung. The artists stand behind this shit so strong; it is actually the cover art! Was hoping for scratch and sniff, but could only smell my finger. The Boss Martians, Dave Wolfe (The Black Irish), Jack Moriarity, Andrew Crowley, Charlie Burton, Mythological Horses, and a slew more of gifted musicians hammer out these bad lyric gems. Thought this would really be bad, but it was really NOT bad. In fact, think it should be included in EVERYBODIES library. Even the lyrics to Octopus Woman and Skateboard Wizard are better and more fun than many songs Clear Channel force feeds the public daily. Just sayin'. Was Produced by Jack Endino (Nirvana's "Bleach"), comes with disc of the original songs and a completely badass comic book insert, by Pat Moriarity. This is a must have, and an instant collectible.

Find it and buy it now!!!

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Soundtrack to an Untimely Death
by Vagabond Swing

written by Shirley Can

Sneak Peak!!!

Vagabond Swing will be releasing their debut album, "Soundtrack to an Untimely Death", this December, 2010!!! These guys are really handling their business! A self-described acoustic punk hybrid, this 7 piece band boasts mandolin, upright bass, dueling trumpets, dueling guitars, and one of the best front man drummers you have ever seen. Their sound is Gypsy Punk Afro Jazz Zydeco Ragtime Swing Rock and more. Very technically driven with a fun sound that makes you dance your ass off!! I really cannot say enough about this bands live performance. This new record has many people anxious to get a look!

Pat Moriarity (Sub-Pop, Columbia, Estrus, The Rocket, LA Weekly, etc.) is doing the cover art. I saw a wicked sketch the other day, and it is scary cool!

Tony Daigle (4x Grammy winner, 17 Grammy nominations) is producing the record. He has been recording Eric Clapton and Vagabond Swing at the same time, while running 2 radio shows in separate cities. That is just for starters. This guy is a beast. The few tracks I heard sounded sharp, and I can’t wait for the final product!

You can catch them live:

Nov. 12th in Dallas @ Mokah Lounge
Nov. 19th in Shreveport @ The Boot
Nov. 26th in Houston @ The Continental Club with The Sideshow Tramps

Check their web page for updated tour information www.myspace.com/vagabondswing



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